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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Day 25

Jasla and Daya was exchanging some fun moment and the rest of them were discussing about how good are both to each other. Rajith claims he is the reason why both of them are together and he was the person who talked to both of them and solved the problem. Jasla comes out and asks him what did he do for solving the issues between them and she also told they have solved the issue before he talked to them. BB calls everyone to living room and announces that there can be healthy conversations and arguments in the house. But it should never go into a stage which becomes physical attack. BB warns Sujo and Rajith and announces that if something like this happens, they will take strict action against those who does this. Sujo and Rajith hugs each other and goes out and discusses that someone would have complained about them. They both claim they didn’t do it as BB warned both of them. They feels they are very strong contestants and the others want both of them out. They pledge that whatever happens they should stay together going forward and Sujo tells him not to provoke him again. Both come to terms and pledge loyalty to each other and they decide they will find their contents without fighting each other.

Veena and Jasla started a debate on the freedom of expression and the opinion of majority. Jasla started telling about rationalism and then it went to the freedom of women against men. Veena took charge of it and she opposed it and the talk changed from rationalism to the purity of marriage. Jasla started asking what was the topic here, but Veena changed the topic completely and she started arguing about women equality. Jasla was charged and she called her fat and Veena replied harshly that she is not allowed to do body shaming. She was confused where the topic went and Thesni interfered and took Jasla away and revealed to her that Veena needed some content. Veena feels she didn’t like the attitude of how she explains about women empowerment. Manju supports her in that. Rajith was seen talking to himself that if it was him who fought no one would have supported him. Pradeep was seen taking about faith to Jasla and he tells there is lot of explanations for each customs. Thesni told Veena that both of them has different ideologies and each are allowed to practise what they likes.

Sujo asks Alexandra a suggestion and asks her whether they both are the final two candidates and if she can choose to remove him, will she move ahead of him. She tells she may do it as its a competition and he agrees to it. Sujo and Alexandra discusses about Reshma’s love to him. She felt Reshma had and she asked her whether she has love for him to which she replied she doesn’t have. Alexandra told her if anytime she feels love, she should tell hwe openly. She also felt when they both are close, she became very possessive and she started to stay away from them. BB announces to select three people who performed great in luxury budget task. They selects Rajith, Jesla and Arya and they will contest for captaincy task. Now they have to select the worst performer. BB is also showing little fun and Raghu felt he is in good mood today. They select Fukru and Daya and both of them has to go to jail.

Both of them go to jail and BB announces they can only talk to them during visiting time provided. Daya tells Sujo that she has helped him in understanding the therapies. Sujo got angry and tells that it’s not only his decision to send her to jail, he should not only blame him others have also nominated. He also reminds her that he told her during the task that she has to ignore personal things as it is a task. Rajith also reminds her that he has also told her to be active otherwise she has to go to jail. Daya apologises to Sujo and Sujo tells is she has any issues she can nominate him. Fukru kills an insect and Jasla shows too much care and criticise him for killing it. Fukru tells now he is happy to be in jail as he killed an insect and he also claims all the rationalists should be send out as these people are not allowing him to kill even an insect. He playfully tells Daya to kill some insects as they can be happy to be in jail. Rajith again tells Sujo that Fukru is provoking him to fight with Sujo and he doesn’t want to fight or create issue with Sujo. Fukru claims he never meant that and he feels Rajith have Sujo maximum tips as he is scared of Sujo. Daya calls Rajith Venuettan and Fukru asks her from where she got that name. She claims he only told her and he allowed her to call him that name. Fukru tells she considers as her son and now he can call him his father. Rajith was speechless and Raghu tells him to control his emotion. Rajith whispers “All is well”.

Now they are allowed to see them and everyone visits them. Fukru climbs the grill of the jail and tells what he sees outside the wall. He tells them that we are surrounded by forests. Contestants assemble in the living room and in the screen Kerala Blasters captain Prashant talks to them. He informs them that there is a surprise for them and BB will announce. They have to divide into two teams - six each and one will be the referee. Four has to take the strike and strike the penalty. Rules are announced and they are ready to play the Kerala Blasters task. Raghu is the Referee and Sujo is the captain for Team A and Saju is the captain for Team B. Jail culprits can’t participate. Team B wins the penalty game and they gets the trophy. Fukru is so sad that he couldn’t play the game and Manju consoles him. Rajith feels Fukru should have been in team and then they should have won. Fukru writes on the mirror ”MISS YOU GUYS”. He is really sad and feels terrible as the day is coming to an end.

Sujo and Alexandra was seen talking again and Jasla and others were playing inside. She wants to leave and Sujo tells if she wants she can leave. He was just getting angry and telling that he felt she is distracted and she can leave. He doesn’t like to get distracted. Sujo again was getting angry with her and tells her that she is trying to tease him and he doesn't like it. She tells she also has self respect and he claims she is insulting him a lot. I believe he is just overreacting and unnecessary judging. He goes out to sleep and Raghu talks to Sujo why he is sleeping outside. He just told his mood is not good and that is why he is sleeping outside. Later Alexandra was seen going outside with blanket and covers him playfully. He tells her not to show off and he gets angry to her and tells her that leave him alone. Rajith came out late night and sees Sujo sleeping and doubts who is sleeping in the chair. He also sees another person sleeping on the other couch. Finally he comments that are these people mad to sleep outside late night.

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Day 24

Thesni tells Rajith that some one in the house really love him. Jasla adds on to that telling that yesterday night she opened up and told what Daya felt in her heart. Rajith warns Jasla that she should not spoil the friendship with him by telling these kind of non sense talks. She replies him and tells she will

anything and if he doesnt want to listen to that, ignore her. She will tell whatever she likes and he doesn’t need to care her. Jasla discusses this in breakfast table and discusses the same issue. Reshma told he asked her when he is getting pregnant. Jasla is really irritated with his behaviour. Rajith talks to himself in kitchen and tells the attitude of Jasla. He feels he has successfully made her quiet. Fukru just writes om the sofa that Rajithettan love Daya. Daya goes to kitchen and try to help Rajith. He told her don’t dig her grave as by behaving like this she may get eliminated. Saju shows Rajith what Fukru did and he just ignores that goes outside and tell himself that he just advised her properly, but she doesn’t understand it. He feels if she stays more in the house, it will benefit her.

The talk in the bedroom is regarding the attitude of Rajith. Jasla tells he should mind his things first and don’t interfere in others things. Alexandra tells he just told that he can’t talk to her as Sujo is there. He is trying to point that Sujo is in love with Alexandra and he may not like if he talks to her. Everyone talks about this and Veena mentions he just tells about women equality and he doesn‘t follow it. Jasla tell as a person she care for him, but she can’t accept his ideology. Rajith tells about the speech he did and he tells what came outside was not the one he talked. Alexandra asked her what did he tell in that speech, but he try to ignore her and tease her. Raghu and Sujo teased him in turn and told that why he is trying to ignore the question. Rajith teases Sujo and calls him a “Pennalan” and Sujo gets angry and try to face him physically. Jasla and everyone criticise Rajith for the talks he did and Rajith asks whether he can leave as the attack is over.

Rajith tells Sujo that he just called him for a fun and he is creating unnecessary issues. Everyone criticise him for telling that as a joke and Sujo claims if he calls him that again, he will hit him for sure. Aleena also tells Sujo he has told this earlier too and if someone has called her similarly, she would have reacted very badly. Rajith again seen talking to himself and he is successful in bringing internal feelings of others. He feels his idea to be silent is very successful and he knows they can score only though him and he doesn't need anyone to score.

It’s time to continue with the luxury budget task. Daya is shaping the eye brows of Rajith and he tells her to be careful without touching him. Sujo is accused of talking to Reshma and collecting the mobile number and Raghu points it out. Jesla creates issues for shaping eyebrows and using her towel

inside her home. Rajith asks Veena to do Ottam Thilak and he is happy and recommends for Veena as entertainer of the hotel. Arya announces Daya should be replaced as she is not working as expected and Reshma joins in. She sits with Raghu and Veena that she lost a good job and Raghu tells her she only ruined her job. She feels her neighbours will be worried as she lost her job. Veena tells her if she is angry just relieve that and Raghu tells just start a protest for removing from job. Fukru also got a complaint that he is very childish and he has to be replaced and Raghu will join as a replacement.

Fukru sits outside and try to flirt with Alexandra. He is giving flying kisses and Jasla asks him what happened. He tells she is laughing at him and she tells he just gave her flying kiss and she just looked at him as he was his ex colleague. Arya tells the guests that it is the reason why he lost his job. Rajith asks Fukru whether he know how to do a foot massage. He started doing foot massage and Daya interferes and tells she also knows spa therapies. Arya interferes and tells he has lost his job and he can’t take his services. Rajith wants a comparison as he wants to move to Spa next. Rajith asks why security and spa therapist is going to washroom together. Fukru claims both have some illicit relationship and he complains that they are not doing their job well. Manager claims it’s a break time for them and they can take a break during that time and warns Fukru to not to make unnecessary arguments.

Rajith takes Spa services and he is impressed with the services. He offers a pedicure services and Rajith tells Sujo is an asset to the hotel. He tells Sujo is better than Fukru. Guests gives them tips and BB announces to make sure that the money is not stolen and BB will announce when to use it. They are calculating the tip amount they got and Daya’s money is stolen. Fukru and Saju doubts Arya and Veena. They plan that we will put the blame on one person and they can find the correct person after that. Saju tells him to blame him and we can find after that. Aleena and Pradeep discusses that it would have been a task given by BB to someone. Veena was the person who did it and she is thinking whether she did is right. I think she did it without BB instruction and she doesn’t know what she did is right. Veena asks Arya and Alexadra that whose task is to steal the money. Veena tells them that it’s she who did it. But Arya doesn’t believe her. Manju also doesn't believe her as she knows who it is. Veena felt anyone can steal it but she misunderstood it. She wants BB to call her and she want to confess. Jasla feels someone innocent would have done this and Reshma tells she can’t do it. They doubt Veena but Pradeep tells she may not have done it, but everyone doubts her. Veena tells Arya that it was her misunderstanding and she advises just keep the amount safe and don’t reveal as everyone will turn against them. She advises her to keep it somewhere else other than from where it is taken and she advises her to talk to Fukru as he is checking everywhere. She doubts that and she felt the person with highest amount may be the candidate for next week captain. Arya tells her to talk to Saju if she is not comfortable with telling to Fukru. Arya calls Saju and Veena tells him what she has done and he just tells he will reveal it. He then talks to Arya and it was her plan to get it revealed by her and tells Saju to reveal it. Veena then tells Fukru and he tells her to keep it back, otherwise wait till someone else money get stolen. She reveals that she has told Arya and Saju, but he asks why she revealed it. Fukru tells to give it to him and don’t give now as everyone is looking at them. He slowly takes it from his socks kept there and keep it hidden under his sandals. He went to Saju and Arya and they understood it’s in his sandals. Veena doubts Fukru too now.

Fukru reveals he got the money and he will not reveal the person. He just takes the money and show it to others. He gives the money back to Daya and Saju tells investigating officers solved it. He will reveal the person tomorrow. Aleena explains Alexandra that either Saju, Arya, Veena and Fukru did it or they did it together. They feels Saju did it and Veena kept it hidden. Veena tells Manju and Pradeep that Fukru has taken it from inside the sandals. Fukru misleads then that it is done by a men and a women. Veena and Arya discusses it again and she was really terrified about it. Arya feels Saju didn’t like what she did and she also felt there is no clarity on what the instruction was. Saju felt what she did is not correct as he only forced Fukru to meet her to solve it as soon as possible. Fukru told Arya to make sure that Alexandra should never know it. Veena is very hurt and started crying and Arya try to console her.

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Day 23

Daya doesn’t seem to leave Rajith as she wants to sit beside him during breakfast. He has told his pet name to her and she reveals it to others. She try to sit beside him but he just leaves the seat and Sujo tried to stop him. He gets angry with Sujo and leaves to kitchen. Everyone is provoking her to go behind her and she doesn’t want to leave. Finally Rajith comes back and sits and again goes to kitchen and brings her some more puttu and serves her some curry. Rajith feels Raghu and Daya is a good match, but Raghu feels both of them looks like husband and wife who came from Gulf. Rajith and Jasla is seen dancing and later helps her wearing ear rings. Pradeep is singing a background song for the scene. Jasla also doesn’t want to leave Rajith and she wants to have a fight with him.

Thesni and Rajith is planning to prank everyone. She wants to hypnotise and he has to do what she tells. She told him how to behave and later she tells Raghu and Saji that we can hypnotise him. They agree and Thesni plans the task. She calls Rajith and tells everyone she will hypnotise him. He is ready and she tells him to lift his hand and keep on his head. If she hypnotise him he can’t take his hand. He told him to move his hand but he couldn’t move. He makes him sit. and she moves his hand down and she could. She tells he is in nursery it’s time for having milk. He does the act very well. Now she asks him about each one of the house and he answers them very well. Reshma is very angry with the comments about her and she and Alexandra leaves the house and they imitate the dance by Rajith. She feels it was not a fun show and Rajith feels the task is successful and he could tell what is right. He thanks Thesni for the selecting him in his mind. Alexandra feels its just acting and he just acted and it felt weird for them. Jasla is supporting him and telling her not to do this kind of acts as this is making him a fool among others.

Now it’s time for luxury budget task for this week. Consider the big boss house as a hotel and everyone has to promote the hotel. Rajith and Jasla comes as the guest. Based on the service provided to them they can give points as tips. Manager of the hotel will be Arya and she take care of everything In the hotel. Head chef is Saju and assistant is Thesni. Housekeeping staff is Fukru and Aleena. Daya and Pradeep will be doing room service. Manju is the person who entertains the guests. Sujo is the spa therapist. Alexandra is the security. Raghu, Reshma and Veena are three people who doesn’t have work and they have to search their job and try to find a job by pleasing the manager. They can replace few others if those specific people are not performing well. They are planning their activities very well.

It’s time for the task and the guest arrive and the hotel manager and staff welcomes them well. Veena, Raghu and Reshma waits outside for interview and Veena started acting as usual. Pradeep serves them welcome drinks. Raghu mix the task with some comic elements in acting. The guests meet every staffs and they greets them back. Daya will be supporting Jesla and Pradeep is supporting Rajith. Jesla creates issue that there is no toiletries in the toilet and Rajith makes the issue little big. Jasla again creates issue that her assistant Daya cannot read the menu. She is purposefully creating issues as Daya doesn’t know how to read English. Daya got hurt by the comments, but Rajith tried to interfere and told Jasla not to create issue with that as she may not know English. Arya asks Daya whether she can continue as she doesn’t know English. She asks her whether she can replace Daya with another person. She wants to continue but she doesn’t know English and Arya tells her that she may create this issue again. So she will give way for another person. Arya talks to the guests and Rajith tells give her another chance. Daya tells Pradeep that she will again create issue for the same. Rajith tells Jasla to calm down on this and Jasla replies that we can give her another chance. She claims that the menu can be made in Malayalam too if she is not comfortable. Arya asks Daya to continue but she doesn’t want to as Jasla may create unnecessary issues again. She convinces her to continue as it may affect their luxury budget points as everyone have to adjust whatever she tells. I personally felt Jesla is purposefully provoking Daya and it may bring her into the elimination list next week.

Alexandra tells Daya that she has to adjust what they tells. Arya calls Reshma for interview and BIGG BOSS calls her to confession room and tells she can’t interview any new staff until BB announces. Rajith argues with Jasla for the issue she created and he tells her to change the assistant. But she wants Daya as her assistant and Rajith finally leaves. Arya tries to convince Daya and she doesn’t want to continue with the task. Arya tells her to co-operate and tells this is the task and she can reply to her after the task is over. They have to complete the task to get luxury budget points and finally Sujo and Arya convinces Daya to continue with the task.

Jasla talks to Daya and tells her to be strong and she has to handle stress on work. She apologised to Daya as part of the task. Veena asks Alexandra whether the problem is over and she replies that its almost over. Reshma claims she is good in spa therapies and Veena is good in hotel management. Jesla again tells there is lot of dust and Rajith claims he has dust allergy. Arya tells they just reopened after renovation and they are cleaning everything now. Veena calls Pradeep and tells he is her neighbour. Rajith calls house keeping staff Fukru and Aleena and scolds them. Pradeep tells they have mentioned about renovation in the website but Jesla denies the claim. Chef Saju prepares the food to the guests and food is served to the guests. Rajith and Jasla fights playfully citing family matters. Alexandra comments about guests and tells Rajith could have been from a good rich family, but Jasla could have been from a low family. Sujo claims he may not know what is pedicure and manicure. Jasla tells Rajith not to insult her in front of the staff. Rajith is acting very naturally and Jasla is supporting him. Rajith asks Pradeep and Arya why are they serving food very fastly when they were talking some personal matters. Arya apologises and tells they will not repeat it. Pradeep tells Daya to serve food to the guests and tells her not to cry in front of them and take this as a task. She is not convinced with that and take the food to serve to them.

Raghu is been interviewed by the guests and asks the manager to appoint him as a food analyst. He asks to request the BB to appoint him as no one ha to leave the job. Jasla went for a spa therapy and she instantly complaints about seeing a worm in the spa water. Sujo apologises and Rajith interferes and tells this is a serious issue and it can cause infections. He gets angry with manager and he tells lot of adverse effects which can cause due to this. He is very angry and claims that the staffs are not maintaining basic hygene and food safety things. Jasla also claims security is insulting them by laughing. The time for today’s task is finished and the tips which they have planned can be given tomorrow.

Rajith is very happy with his performance and Saju appreciates his performance for its reality. Raghu and Saju told Arya did well and Aleena, Arya and Veena tells Daya and Jasla has to play together. Daya was hurt and seen crying as she feels Jasla is taking personal revenge and she has not apologised to her even though she did to others. Daya claims she has already told this to Arya, and Arya replied that it’s guests request to take her as assistant. Daya feels she is insulted in front of others. Arya tells her that Jasla did it as part of task and she has personally told Arya to tell Daya that it’s a task and it’s nothing personal. At night Daya reveals if Rajith is ok, then she will marry him as she is also alone. Arya, Sujo and Jasla supports it and told they are very happy with it if he is fine with it. Rajith personally talks to camera that he is not here to marry anyone. He doesn’t like her anyway and he doesn’t want to hear it anymore and he may lose his control if he hears those kind of things anymore from anyone.

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Day 22

Fukru told Rajith that till now there was no person who can contest with him, now Jasla will be a strong contestant for him. He also tells him she is the person who talked against Firoz Kunnumparambil. Rajith tells he realises she is a very strong contestant. Jasla was given the task to teach them how to make viral social media videos. Sujo asks how can you make a video viral and she replies you can be famous by telling non-sense or by putting sexual videos. She was pointing to Daya and told that someone can be famous by putting some verbal abuse videos too. I felt, to all the questions asked by the housemates she was just replying without any logic. She is trying to prove her part even though there was no logic. The house mates are trying to make her come to the actual point but she is just leaving the actual point. Saju, Veena, Arya and Rajith are trying to prove that she is just putting videos of harassing men other than trying to bring some silent women into limelight. Saju asks her instead of harassing men who has verbally or physically attacked a women, you should try to bring the victim to come forward and make them strong and also you should have tried to give them advises on how to prevent these harassment.

Rajith is very happy that now Veena, Arya and Saji has become so energetic when Jasla talked nonsense. Daya told if she comments on her body, then she will lose her control. Rajith and Jasla started discussinh about gender. She asks how to identify a person as male and she asks him if a person wears a lungi and shirt will a lady can be a male. She tells he is just telling pseudo science and not actual biology. Rajith just left the scene and went out to take bath. Pradeep tells they are telling the same thing from last twenty one days. She is not trying to leave and just went behind Rajith. He asks what she knows about Science and she has lot of misunderstanding about him. They started arguing and he tells he is just telling biology and not literature. She tells him she respect him, but she can’t accept what he is telling. Rajith replied that if he is telling a pseudo science then he should have been removed from the position of Professor from college. He tells she is just changing the words and she has done some vulgar presentation. He also asks why she didn’t greet Daya when she came in and why she disrespected her during her task. Raghu interferes and interrupts Rajith that he just told in kitchen that her speech was great and now in front of her he just told it as vulgar. Rajith got angry with Raghu and there occurs a very heated argument. Veena interferes and stops the discussion and takes Rajith to restroom. Jasla tells Alexandra and Sujo that she wants someone like him to talk and she was waiting to talk to him because of his abusing comment about a women during a speech in college. Reshma had a great impression about him, but after three weeks she consider him as a joker. Reshma also feels Jasla will support her, but he has realised him now that she will oppose him a lot. Sujo and Alexandra replies that they have tried their best to reply to him, but now they stopped all those as he is never gonna change.

Now its time to finalise the elimination list for this week. Jasla, Daya and Fukru will not be part of elimination list. Aleena nominates Thesni Khan and Veena Nair. Raghu nominates Veena Nair and Pradeep Chandran because of the incidents in captaincy task. Arya nominates Rajith Kumar as he is very weak to contest in physical tasks and Raghu because of his comments on the captaincy task about her. Saju nominates Raghu as he is not so active and Alexandra as she is little isolated from others. Veena nominates Raghu because of the comments he made against Arya during captaincy task and Sujo as he reacts very differently when in anger. Manju nominates Veena as she planned against Rajith during captaincy task and Raghu as he try to inject things into others. Thesni nominates Veena as she feels she is playing a drama and Arya as she is playing a strategy to ignore others. Rajith nominates Arya and Saju as they didn’t take a stand during the captaincy task. Pradeep nominates Rajith as he is not real and Thesni is not so active even though she tries to. Reshma nominates Thesni as she is fake and low on confidence and Veena is also fake and she is trying to create a group within themselves. Alexandra nominates Pradeep as she is not happy with his captaincy as he doesnt had any stand during some issues and Veena as she talks much about her family than being involved in a game. Sujo nominates Veena due to the captaincy task issue and Pradeep because of his stand on the captaincy task. Fukru nominates Veena and Arya as both of them try to create a group and behave fake.

The contestants in the elimination list for this week are Veena, Raghu, Thesni, Rajith, Pradeep and Arya.

Rajith was seen talking to Jesla that she has the right to oppose his comments. She is telling him that she is trying to create sentiments by talking to himself. She claims he is telling foolish things and don’t be a fool by not comparing himself to Galileo. She is just going behind him and trying to generate screen space. Manju feels he is not a person to oppose now over hearing their conversation. Rajith is ready to fight with men and he asks her to bring someone to fight with him. She tells she is ready to fight and his comments on disrespecting women should not be allowed. He claims she is trying to make him a target and it’s her plan. She tells everyone is equal and he should fight with her. He repeats that he didn’t tell that, but Manju claims she heard what he told. He just leave the space and Daya advise him not to react to her. He tells her that she is targeting him and wherever he goes, she is following her as a target.

Jasla discusses the same with Raghu and Raghu tells he is like that and he will run away once he doesn’t have any stand on that. Rajith feels she will follow him much and irritate him and finally these contestants will get a soft corner to him and will not bring him to elimination. Veena was telling Aleena about her son and imagines what will he be doing now. She explains how she felt during her pregnancy and how happy she was during that time. Finally she started to feel sad. Jasla is completely behind Rajith and she tells about one of her behaviour before taking bath. He replies to her that it could be due to hereditary or perception. Reshma doesn’t want to interfere in that and Jasla is asking him why he is unnecessarily bringing his parents into this conversation. Aleena feels it’s better they should get adjusted and also tells Pradeep that Jasla and Daya are enemies. Pradeep feels both of them has the ability to attack anyone verbally and it’s difficult to argue with them. Pradeep also tells about their video and explain what was its contents to Aleena. Aleena also feels Jasla is too over smart and they were completely shocked by the entry of these two contestants.

The contestants were sitting together and finds a screw and Pradeep tells Rajith to ask Jasla whether she has lose a screw today morning. He went to Jasla and asks this and she feels he is trying to make a joke of her. She in turn takes it and keeps on his head and tells he lose it from there. He went back to the group and tells they made him a joker. He actually thought it was missed from her sandals, but in real they were just trying to make a joke of her. They didn’t realise he took it seriously. Jasla wants to

put suruma in Rajith and he asks whether she doesn’t have any plan to get married. She tells her sister got married at 15 and he replied that is brutal. He tells her to get married and if it is late she will be like an old lady. He tells he consider her as a doll and she tells she is Anabelle and to which he replied he knows she will drink his blood. He tells she doesn’t have maturity and maturity is needed for marriage and she asks him how he defines maturity. Fukru feels he should have dyed his hair as it could be an inspiration to many. She feels even though he gets old behave like a kid. She tries to wear a veil and Raghu tells it will be the talk of the town tomorrow. Rajith feels she is like an Arabian beauty and she is very beautiful in this dress than in other dress she wears. He feels she has a quality while wearing a veil. Rajith advises Daya on how to be inside the house. Rajith tells Veena that he is a public property and anyone can do anything to him and he know what he is. Daya asks Rajith to tell her I Love You and Rajith warns he will verbally abuse Fukru for his comment and he immediately replies if he calls he will call back. Fukru and Rajith started discussing about love and Fukru feels anyone can love anyone at any age. Rajith doesn’t like what he told and he replied that he didn’t tell anything wrong, he just told he can love anyone. Veena also tells him they will not tell anything if he falls in love. Daya responds that love doesn’t have eyes, but Rajith replies that the person should have intelligence. He just leaves the scene as always.

Everyone in the house started to tease Rajith and Daya on the love matter and she just leaves telling that she will not create a disturbance. Jasla asks him where he gets disturbance and she started irritating him by asking why he is not comfortable sitting with Daya. Rajith claims two angels came inside and he is getting irritated. Fukru gives a background score with the song ”avanavan kuzhikuna ”. Aleena asks him why he is ignoring Daya, and he tells Daya is silent and she needs someone to talk to as she is not like Jasla. Fukru comes in between and asks him he told a joke and because of that don’t ignore Daya. Rajith calls Jasla as a dynamite and Aleena calls Daya and tells her to sit with him. Rajith tells both of them are good friends for him and Fukru tells he didn’t tell this earlier. Aleena tells he doesn’t keep anything during week days and he will take all out during weekends. Saju feels what is Aleena upto.

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Day 19

Thesni is given the task to tell others how to get attention and how to behave inside BB house. She mentions you can never act inside the house, even if they do they can’t act every day. She was pointing to few food incidents and Suresh was pointing that he didn’t want food when they were having food together but in between he got hungry and he asked BB in front of camera and seeks for permission. Sujo also tells Rajith does work alone which is assigned to four people. Suresh again points to the Sujo expense issue and he tells if he repeats that they should hit Rajith on his face. Rajith became serious and gets angry. He tells Suresh to hit him and he also provoked Sujo to hit him if he wants to. Every try to stop the talk by clapping their hands, but it provoked him much. He again points that he is alone inside the house. Suresh points that he just need to make an issue and get screen space, so others need to be calm. Fukru tells that someone try to became famous by joining with the person who feels isolated. Rajith tells circumstances makes them feel isolated and as a person he will react to that. Reshma also tells to Saju, Raghu and Sujo that if they hits him tell her too. She also wants to hit him and Raghu tells we will provoke him more.

Rajith is so angry and he also tells Veena that he tried to be calm but he lose his control because of the circumstances. Thesni thanks BB for the task given to her as she could talk openly about what is happening inside the house. Pareekkuty is called to the confession room and he is taken to hospital for his eye checkup. Sujo was again seen provoking Rajith and he replies that he initially had an affection towards him and it went off because of some act by other people. Sujo tells one day while he was sleeping he moved the blanket from his face and he licked his face. Sujo tells Raghu is also his good friend and he never does that and he didn’t like what Rajith did. Rajith tells Sujo he likes him because he is a proper follower of Bible and Raghu asks him what he does after reading all the three holy books. Rajith replies as he has read all those he know how to handle things peacefully, but Raghu denies his claim completely. Both of them started arguing and Raghu tells about Rajith’s attitude of creating issues and talking about others. Rajith gets angry he claims Raghu is guiding Sujo wrongly to create issues between them. Once he leaves the room, Raghu smiles and make everyone understand that they were provoking him.

Everyone assembled inside the house and Pareekkuty is back from hospital and he has an infection on his eyes. He has to leave the house for some time for the safety of others. He is called to the confession room and taken away outside by covering his eyes. Housemates were discussing Pareekkuty’s behaviour as he doesn’t care about his belongings and his attitude of not keeping things properly. They were also complaining about his cigarette smoking behaviour and his infection increased because of that. Rajith was disappointed after Pareekkuty being taken away. BB announces that they have to choose three people who performed well in the task and three person selected needs to contest for captaincy for next week. They selects Veena, Fukru and Rajith. The task is announced and it will be as they will be given three bags full of thermocol bags which has holes in it. They have to run in a circle on the ring marked and they can try to make sure that others bag can be emptied. On each phase the person with the maximum balls removed will be evicted from the task. They started playing and Fukru and Veena try to hit Rajith. Rajith quits inbetween as both of them targets him and he doesn’t want to play. I heard Arya told them to attack him and when he left she was seen consoling Rajith to play the game. In the second phase Veena and Fukru started playing and Rajith was commenting on how to play. But Arya interferes and tells him not to tell his tactics here. Rajith went inside when everyone was congratulating Fukru and he feels he knows Fukru will win and has to see what happens inside the house.

Raghu and Fukru were discussing the game and Raghu feels they were attacking Rajith personally. Fukru also feels Lalettan will never appreciate him even though everyone else does it. He also feels no one supports him too. Sujo also asks Fukru why he didn’t attract Veena as it is not a good move to play. Fukru replies that he saw both of them fighting and he didn’t know what happened there. Sujo asked him whether it’s a plan but he denies it. Raghu doubts who is the captain - Pradeep or Arya because of her attitude. Rajith and Sujo supports Rajith that it’s not good to attack him while playing. Rajith feels Veena will again come in next week eviction and they doesn't want him to be the captain. Veena was apologising to Rajith for what she did and Rajith accepts it. Veena was seen applying medicine on Rajith’s hands for the pain caused due to his fall. He also warns Veena to not trust her best friend. He was mentioning about Arya to be sure and he tells her that he saw something personally. Veena discusses this with Arya and reveals to her what Rajith told.

Fukru, Veena and Arya was seen speaking in English and Veena was overreacting and making Raghu go out of the room. Thesni announces the BB announcement for choosing the luxury budget items for next week. They only have 200 points and they choose 2 kg of Maida as that is only affordable. Housemates were enjoying a marathon songs sung by them as a group. Rajith seems to be more active in dancing to the tune of the songs. BB announcemet came to choose two candidates for their worst performance in the luxury budget tasks - Alexandra and Manju. Apart from the last time these two were very happy and enjoyed much to go into the jail. Alexandra and Raghu was seen discussing about Sujo in some issues with Reshma. Raghu feels she loves Sujo and she is little possessive about him. Reshma also asked why Sujo is talking to Rajith and he also asks him about Alexandra. He feels everyone is asking him about affair with Alexandra is because she is telling it to everyone, but Reshma feels it’s not because of her, it’s because both of them had a fight and they are not talking each other and everyone noticed it. Sujo just wants her to talk to him openly and clear the issue, Reshma consoles him that if others are thinking about affair and if they feel they are just friends why do he need to bother. Alexandra discusses the real issue with Manju and she feels ego is the problem and Sujo felt she is controlling him. But she has never thought about it and now he is not trying to talk to her openly about it. She also feels everyone doubt their friendship but he feels embarrased and he feel she is talking bad about him to others. She is hurt as he is not talking to her and not trying to solve the issue and he is repeating the same thing again and again. She also feels he doesn't like her talking to Rajith. She feels his ego is hurting her so much as she likes him a lot more than a friend but she doesn’t feel as a lover.

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Day 18

The day started with Saju teaching everyone how to do mimicry and he successfully makes people

enact the big screen characters inside the house. Rajith was seen arranging the blankets of ladies and Reshma creates a problem telling that there may be lot of things of them in the bed. He claims he has done it as he is in charge of house keeping but she tells he should not touch her blankets and her things. Veena supports Rajith and Reshma gets so angry with Rajith in doing so. He warns him not to touch her belongings again. Pradeep try to console Rajith and he replies that everyone who is in charge of house keeping does it and she creates the issue just because he did it. Pradeep also tells he didn’t do any mistake and it’s her mistake to get angry with him. Rajith sits alone and he started telling to himself about anger and its side effects. Arya was telling to Veena that everyone in the house is discussing that Veena does support Rajith just to get the screen space. Even Pareekkuty also does the same to get screen attention trying to support Rajith. But she claims she doesn’t do it, and she supported him because what Reshma told was wrong.

BB announces the last stage of the luxury budget task and there will be 1000 clocks, 20 alarms , 90 seconds to play and 1500 points to play for. They have a total of 1700 points now and 5 people can play the game. Sujo, Fukru, Pareekkuty, Suresh and Pradeep plays for the task and they lose the game. BB announces that they have lost 1500 points and only got 200 luxury budget points for next week.

Reshma and Alexandra gives a name to the camera - Android Kunjappan. BIGG BOSS starts a new game - BB Film Awards. People has to nominate people from the house based on characters mentioned in the paper given. Suresh explains the explanation of each character mentioned in the paper. They nominates people and put the nominations in the box kept. Raghu becomes the anchor and announces the winners.

Junior Artist Female ( Those who doesn’t have her own stand and just going with the flow) : Thesni Khan

Junior Artist Male : Pareekkuty

Drama Queen (Over reacting to normal circumstances) : Veena Nair

Drama King : Pareekkuty

Supporting Character Female ( who doesn’t have their own stand and just stands along with the main person without knowing whether he did correct or wrong) : Thesni Khan

Supporting Character Male : Pareekkuty

Upcoming Star Female (Those who tried their best to get active in the house and who does a lot of things to gain attention irrespective of being silent initially) : Reshma

Upcoming Star Male : Sujo and he announces if he get a chance he will take control of house.

Best Director Female ( who can manage and controls everyone in the house and that person can get upset if it doesn’t go according to plan) : Veena Nair

Best Director Male : Fukru

Bad Women(The most cunning person) : Alexandra

Bad Man : Rajith Kumar

Best Heroine ( Smart and respectful person and who has a clear stand on her attitude and does use others to win the game ) : Arya

Best Hero : Pradeep

Fukru tells an award should be given to Raghu for guiding people to wrong path. Thesni is little worried about the awards she got and Pareekkuty and Suresh tells her to start replying. She tells she will be herself and she should have responded to Rajini Chandy during the first week, but she didn’t do it just because she respects her age.

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Day 17

The day started with Veena imitating Lalettan to the song sang by Pareekkuty. She claims the kurta she is wearing is that of Lelattan. Rajith was seen discussing his mother’s last days and treatment with Aleena. He got very emotional and he tells he never cries but he started crying thinking of him. Aleena tried to console him and he manages not to cry.

The third stage of the game starts and 700 clocks will be there. 8 clocks will ring the alarm, 750 points, four people can play and 30 seconds. Raghu, Rajith, Veena and Arya will contest. Rajith plans the game statistics and they waits outside the activity area. They finds seven clocks and they failed. They only have 1500 points. Rajith helps Fukru on the game statistics and Fukru listens to it. Rajith tells they will not hear when he tells the statistics and Fukru explains it to others. Manju asks Pareekkuty why he is not talking to Fukru and he replies that he is trying to task to him but he is not responding. He claims Fukru has done something wrong and he just wants Fukru to talk to him next. Manju also claims she is having issue with Rajith. Raghu tells Pareekkuty that Fukru has told, Pareekkuty has insulted him when he told he wants to act in his movie. His comments has hurt Fukru and in return he has told someone that Pareekkuty’s route is not correct. Pareekkuty doesn’t like Fukru advising him and he also claims he will make his movie at any cost and he will decide whether Fukru will be in there or not. Manju tries to talk to Fukru to solve the issue with Pareekkuty and he doesn’t want to solve it. He feels he has really insulted him by telling that he has done a big mistake by planning a movie with Fukru. Manju asks him whether both have planned it to prank others.

The fourth stage of the game is announced. 1500 points will be there and it will be added if they wins. 60 seconds. Two people can contest and they can find it and can stop the alarm and put it in the box. They have to identify whole clocks and they found 10 clocks and as it is a bonus round they gets 200 luxury points. Rajith tells he has never lived in a big family and Veena replies that it is better he didn’t live in a big family and she also tells he is very irritating. Rajith claims new generation people likes him a lot and Veena just repeats that he is very irritating and disturbing. He tells people who are in between old and new generation doesn't like him. She try to drag him to the restroom but he doesn’t go inside.

Alexandra and Reshma asks in which T-shirt Sujo’s girlfriend kissed. Aleena were asking him how it happened and they were trying to find out how she did it. Reshma asks him whether she will wear it or Alexandra will wear it tonight. But he doesn’t want to give them initially but he agrees finally. But they gives him back as it is precious for him. Aleena tells Rajith that they only has one flat made by his father, but he tells not to tell a lie as he know how much she has and a small discussion starts as he claims everyone in BIGG BOSS is poor. Aleena replies to him telling that even if they have multiple car it doesn’t mean they are rich and he asks her to give their Chappel so that he can keep it in his head. She throws it to him and she asks why he is thinking like that. Fukru was stealing the protein powder in between and Aleena tells his comments hurt her as he has to take back the claim made by him that all the people inside BIGG BOSS are poor. She doesn’t want him to Jude anyone being rich or poor. Aleena tells this to Veena that she doesn’t like the comment he made and she is worried as it is pointing to others based on the stories they shared. Suresh also joined and he just leaves telling her to be with him to hear all these. Alexandra told Raghu, Reshma and Manju that Pareekkuty will try to make issues between her and Sujo. She feels that he thinks she is staying inside the house just because there is a talk regarding the love affair between her and Sujo. Raghu also claims Pareekkuty is not a clean person and he wants him to leave the house as soon as possible.

Raghu also tells Manju and Reshma that Arya is the number one player inside the house. She is the person who is handling lot of things in the back end and she is very good player than Saju. He also tells Pareekkuty doesn’t do any work inside the house. He also added that he tried to test him to make sure that he is trustable. He feels Manju, Reshma, Alexandra and Suresh can only be trusted. Even Fukru is not trustable as he will do anything to win the game. Manju also feels the comments about Fukru is correct as for small things he is creating issues.

Arya tells Pareekkuty that don’t make a talk that he wants to go home. He claims he doesn’t want to, but she tells she knows what he is doing. Everyone assembled in the living room as captain called them to shuffle the team as Aleena and Pareekkuty is not well and Somadas has left the house. Arya suggests Arya and Alexandra can help Rajith and Raghu for cleaning the bathroom. They also tells whoever is sleeping during the day will given a punishment and it was pointing to Pareekkuty and Suresh. Suresh claims because of Raghu and Manju only they couldn’t sleep at night as they talk loudly late night and it creates a heated discussion. Saju tells as they have diabetes it can disturb their sleep so we have to handle things accordingly. Everyone agrees and they will make sure it will not happen again.

Pradeep was seen filling Reshma’s water bottle with heart and Pareekkuty and Arya was seen teasing him. Rajith asks why do he need to put his in a runway and they took the discussion further. Arya had a doubt and ask Rajith why he told like that and he replies telling that this love will not work out in anyway. Alexandra feels Rajith has told Reshma is not good in attitude and he tells her not to change his words. After hearing this Reshma tells Alexandra that then we should make this work out well. Arya tells Sujo has the face cut of the person who cheated her and Veena explains her character. Suresh tells to see him as his ex lover and kill him at night by using dumbbells. She tells she has given a Valentine’s Day cake to his lover and he in turn gives that cake to another girl, his lover. She was her neighbour and once she opened up with Arya and she found out that he is cheating her.

Rajith was seen trying some experiments with Pareekkuty and Veena and the former couldn't do it, but Veena does it in first chance. He himself told Veena could do it, but Pareekkuty can’t do it. Later everyone was seen dancing to the song Theyyame. Sujo, Manju and Fukru applied Reshma‘s lipstick on Pradeep’s bottle and kept it aside. Veena feels he likes Reshma and Reshma also like him. Veena called Pradeep and tells a secret that Manju feels Reshma loves him. Pradeep likes that album he try not to show it much and Alexandra brings his water bottle in front of others. Reshma accepts only playfully and she is trying to go with the flow. She know she didn’t do it, but she didn’t denied it too. At night Pradeep and Fukru was seen scaring Thesni by behaving as Zombies and as usual she screams. Both of them were trying to scare Rajith, but in turn Rajith tried to rape Fukru playfully.

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Day 16

The day started by seeing Reshma applying dye on Pradeep’s hair. Everyone assembled and started teasing them. Pradeep was seen enjoying the conversation though. Veena, Fukru and Arya was seen teasing him the most. Later Veena finds out lipstick marks on Pradeep’s neck and body. They are enjoying the gossip a lot. They accuse Reshma of kissing Pradeep. Pareekkuty was seen over reacting. Saju tells she trusts Reshma and they checks her lipstick colour. Everyone claims she removed her lipstick, but she told she didn’t applied it today. Fukru later tells everyone that he only applied it in Pradeep‘s neck and he pranked Veena. Veena claims Pradeep likes Reshma as he didn’t over react on the accusation and he seems happy over it. They are planning to encourage and it may grow into a relationship. Veena asks Reshma about this but she tells she doesn’t know it, and she tells the same to Pradeep. He seems little interested in it even though he is playfully reacting.

Pradeep was sitting along with Veena, Reshma, Sujo and Alexandra and he calls her babe playfully in-front of others. Veena asks for her star sign and she tells she will not reply to it as this may make his/her parents plan for marriage. Rajith was taking estimate of the cosmetic items of Sujo and he thought about what if it gets stolen. Manju and Thesni listens to it and discusses with the team members. They discuss his cheap behaviour as he thinks that others are spending a lot and he doesn’t spend much. He just wears a hundred rupee shirt and others inside the house doesn’t like his behaviour. They discuss that its none of his business to judge others and interfere in others things. Arya clearly doesn’t like him and Manju is clearly disturbed by his talks. Rajith discuss the same things with Pareekkuty and he tells him he didn’t tell anything and he just told to himself about the usage of high branded items by Sujo. Pareekkuty asks him whether he has told anything about over expense done by Sujo and he replied telling that he just told he hasn‘t got the opportunity to use any of that. Sujo also discusses with Alexandra that Rajith is continuously irritating him with few things. Sujo also thinks Pareekkuty is not real and Rajith only creates issue with him, and he never does it with others as others will react really bad. He opens up telling that because of his hard work only he could buy those and it’s not given for free. He feels Rajith is trying to create a negative image for him showing his expensive products. He also believes Rajith wants Sujo to react to this so that he can get a screen space and audience support. But he doesn’t want to ask him as it may give him an advantage.

The discussion again came up in the dining table and Pareekkuty wants to know who heard that Rajith told it. Fukru asks him what difference it will make and he also asks Rajith why did he tell those. Rajith denies he didn’t tell it, but Saju gets so much irritated and asks him they are not idiots and we have heard it and he asks whether he is mad to talk to himself in-front of camera. Everyone together reacted to his comments and Rajith seems completely speechless. Fukru, Saju and Sujo was completely angry and was talking openly against him. They knows he is trying to create a content for this week as he is in nomination and they are very much irritated by his disrespectful behaviour. The only person who is silent is Aleena and she doesn’t seem to be interested in this verbal attack.

The luxury budget task is announced by Arya. As a change BIGG BOSS gives 3000 luxury points at first and points will be subtracted based on the performance of each individual in the task. The game will be a step by step one and each step has a set of luxury budget points. If you fail the whole points from that step will be subtracted. As the first step two people can participate and there will be 400 clocks and alarm will ring from few and 250 luxury budget points will be given. They have to identify in which clock alarm is ringing. One has to find it and the other has to give instruction. Manju and Alexandra are the first two contestant.

Alexandra could find only one clock and the time given was just 10 second. They are clearly unhappy with the time given. They tails in first step and loses 250 luxury points. Second stage is 20 seconds, 500 points, 600 clocks, there people and two can find and one can give instruction. Thesni, Aleena and Reshma participates. They finds three clocks. Fukru was seen telling a story to everyone and suddenly everyone made noise to prank Thesni. She was screaming as she got scared first and then she started laughing. But everyone was scared a bit as she was behaving little weird after screaming. Everything came back to normal in some time and she stood up.

A task was given to Manju to teach everyone nursery rhymes. Everyone assembled in the garden and she started teaching them as a nursery teacher. Fukru asks Sujo why he is not considering Alexandra‘s love and Aleena checks with Fukru how Alexandra kissed Sujo. He thinks he should have born as Sujo as he could have got lot of kisses. ”Nashtaswargam” is the new task and they have to talk about something which they miss after coming here. Pradeep miss his mobile phone, Alexandra miss her flat in Kakkanad, Fukru miss his bike, Suresh miss his city Trivandrum, Manju miss his kid Bernachen and starts crying as expected, Rajith miss his society, college and his friends, Arya miss her father, kid and an unknown person ”Jaan” - her lover, Sujo miss his bible, Veena miss her Ambadi (kid), Kannettan(husband), mother in law and a photo of Shiva and Parvathi, Sujo miss his wife the most, Aleena miss his parents the most, Raghu miss his town Calicut and he may miss her mother in laws first dance performance.

Fukru plans with Aleena and tells BIGG BOSS that they are going act as lovers and will prank others inside house. Raghu becomes the first person who they interacts and Aleena tells she may have fallen in love. But Raghu doesn’t believe it, but Fukru tries to convince him. Raghu feels he is very young and just 23 years and she is 25 years and also feels just little maturity is enough. He seems to trust them a little bit I feel.

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Day 15

The day started with everyone congratulating Somadas for his wedding anniversary. He sings a song for his wife on the cam. Somadas has been called to the confession room to do some health check ups as he is having high BP. He was again called to confession room and informs him that doctors have suggested him to take better medical treatment. So BIGG BOSS announce that he need to leave the house for better treatment. Everyone is in disbelief and they collects the bag to pack his belongings. Rajith was so disappointed as he is losing a person who supported him.

Rajith and Raghu talks to him and advises him to take care of his health first. They advise him to talk openly to friends whom he can trust. Veena is getting emotional and was seen talking to Manju. BIGG BOSS announces him to say good bye to everyone and come out through the front gate. The door opens and he exits from the house. Everyone is in disbelief and Raghu tells may be his condition could be little serious.

Rajith explains the condition of Somadas after analysing his red colour of eyes. He told may be he is having a diabetic retinopathy due to hyperglycaemia. After a long time everyone was listening to what he was telling and they accepted what he told is correct. They believes it’s better he leaves the house for his good health.

Everyone assembled in the living room and it’s time for nomination process for elimination. Thesni is called first and she nominates Suresh as he is little strict on food matters as he is diabetic. Secondly she nominates Pareekkuty. Rajith choose Arya as she hasn‘t done any contribution to the house and also choose Reshma as she doesn't have patience. Pareekkuty choose Raghu and Saju Navodaya as both are not active. Fukru chose Alexandra as he couldn’t jell with her and got hurt by her. He also choose Aleena as she does some show off infront of others. Manju choose Suresh because of his attitude against Rajith and Rajith as he also doesn’t care value of others profession. Alexandra nominates Rajith as he feels he is above others and he is always correct. She also nominates Fukru as he is short tempered. Veena nominates Aleena because of her attitude towards her and Rajith as she feels he is acting inside house.

Sujo nominates Rajith as he doesn’t behave the way he talks. Then he nominates Pareekkuty as he doesn’t follow rules inside house. Saju again nominates Pareekkuty for the same reason as Sujo mentioned and also nominates Thesni as she is not active with everyone. Suresh nominates Reshma and Alexandra as both are not active. Arya nominates Aleena as she is fake and selfish. She also nominates Pareekkuty as he is also fake and he himself revealed it to her. Reshma nominates Rajith first as he doesn’t behave the way he talks and secondly Veena as she is so emotional and partial inside the house. Raghu nominates Rajith because of his attitude and Pareekkuty as he is little indifferent in his behaviour. Aleena choose Thesni as she is not so active and Veena is too emotional. Pradeep nominates Rajith as he is fake and Alexandra as she is not close to him.

The contestants nominated for this week are Rajith Kumar, Pareekkuty, Alexandra , Veena , Suresh, Reshma, Aleena and Thesni Khan. The list is little big this time and I believe this time two people may get eliminated.

Saju, Aleena, Sujo and Fukru plan to mix protein powder with pepper powder and they will give it to others. Fukru gives it to Manju, Veena and Arya. They realises the prank and they ran to the washroom and it makes everyone laugh. Fukru asks anyone else wanted it and he again gives it to Manju making her believe that he took original protein powder.

Rajith was seen discussing with Aleena and Pareekkuty about the game getting so tense. She tells there are few groups working against them. He heard Veena told Arya that Rajith would have nominated Rajith and Arya made a comment that whether his self respect is not hurt yet. He also tells if instead of Aleena anyone else was involved in the Alavalathy incident, he would created lot of issue. Sujo tried to lift Pradeep and Arya made a comment to lift Alexandra instead. Sujo properly carries Pradeep on his back and walks so comfortably. Rajith comments Sujo can easily lift him and he carries Rajith on his shoulders walks on the garden. Rajith gives him a kiss on his cheek for his well mannered behaviour.

Alexandra and Sujo was seen discussing about Pareekkuty‘s behaviour. She feels he is changing his behaviour day by day and he cannot be trusted. A secret she has revealed to him has been revealed to the other concerned person by himself. Sujo tells may be this could be a misunderstanding and he also feels Alexandra is considered as a good friend for him. The conversation was completely revolved around Pareekkuty and Sujo was seen little confused with the attitude of Alexandra and he tells her when she talks make sure not to point fingers as they can recognise that both are discussing about them. Veena was seen teaching Rajith, Fukru and Reshma dance steps. Thesni also joins them in between.

Sujo was giving food to Reshma and they were trying to hide the camera when they does that. Reshma asks the camera whether they got what they needed to put in episode. Veena discovers new water bottles and cups are kept inside the house which is sponsored by Oppo. Arya, Veena and Fukru goes to the kitchen to steal sugar and Manju also comes to the kitchen and she got scared after seeing them. Veena asks for more and takes it.

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Day 12

Aleena was seen discussing about marriage and dating with Rajith. He gives proper advise on how a dating should be and how you have to get into a relationship. Fukru is having an issue with Veena and he is ignoring her every time. She is clearly disturbed being ignored by him.

Arya asks Fukru to solve the issue with Veena and Veena is seen crying because of this, but Fukru is not ready to solve it. She is really hurt as he has not taken the food she has kept. Raghu is also trying to solve the issue, and he also tells him that Reshma also likes Sujo. Now a triangle love story is under construction inside the house. Manju also tried to convince Fukru, but he didn’t listen to anyone.

Everyone is assembled in the living room and the luxury budget points is 3600. As Rajith identified the culprit, 250 points is also added. Now they have to choose the items to be purchased using the budget available and they does it. Now Saju tries to do an activity to tease Rajith. Saju tells the team members other than Rajith that he will show how he handles people during the death of his father. But to Rajith, outside the house he tells he has to enact how he welcome people for house warming. Rajith started acting and it became an enjoying performance. Later Saju reveals what they had planned to Rajith and the house members. I think this was just done to recreate the actual Pashaanam Shaji.

Time comes for the captaincy task. The person who becomes captain will not be in the elimination list. Arya, Suresh and Pradeep will participate in the task and there is a board where Captain is written and also at one end there is a box where the alphabets of captain is kept. Each of them have to fill the letters on the specific place in the board by tying their eyes. Pradeep finishes it first and second comes Arya. Suresh didn’t finish the task. So Pradeep is selected as the captain for next week and after that he addresses. He choose the members for each section according to the interest of each members.

Arya started another gossip about Thesni. She tells Thesni told she wanted Arya and Veena to be in the house till end. Arya feels Thesni is trying to gain their support. She also advises Veena to be alert and don't be emotional and also teaches her how to play the game. She advises her not to solve the issue with Fukru as he is purposefully ignoring.

The task which continued from last week continued with the life story of Rajini Chandy. She told whatever she has achieved in life is because of her husband and she told she is very lucky to have a husband like him. I am happy that she doesn’t have a sad life story to tell. She just took little time compared to others and ended her story with an advise to everyone. The message she told ”How much you dye your hair, you cannot be young, you will still be old” felt meaningful to me.

Fukru was seen playing a hide and seek with Veena without her knowledge. Fukru playfully solves the issue with Veena and later at night Fukru is seen stealing Sujo‘s protein powder with Veena and Manju.

Thesni was seen so much active first time in the house by doing some mimicry and enacting a performance with Fukru on the song sung by Pareekkuty. Reshma, Alexandra and Manju was seen encouraging them to their steps. Fukru was telling Rajith that over caring is very difficult and if you didn’t get it, it will create trouble. Rajith replies that he doesn't get any care from the house. He also tells him that some people from house is using him for their success. He also discusses some real facts which he is seeing in the house and people just wants to fight with him.

Now it’s time for Alexandra to tell her story. She told her journey from a nun to an air hostess. She also told about her love story and how he cheated her. Now she is living her life for her parents and also she wanted to pursue her career in modelling and acting. She resigned her job as she is not loving that job any more and she came into BIGG BOSS for finding a career. She opened up really well and I felt she is really genuine in her attitude.

Then the time came for Aleena to tell her life story. She started by sharing her experience with Asianet since 2004. She told her Amma is her best friend and she is also into a relationship. Both parents have not agreed to it, so they are keeping it aside now. Sujo and Alexandra discusses that others are cooking up their love story just for getting saved from elimination. They believes both of them are the best content inside the house for others to discuss and get a screen space and also they believe their content will get good T.R.P rating too.

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Day 11

Today I will start with the BiGG BOSS plus episode of the day as it was the continuation of the game which they were playing from past few days. While interrogating Saju, he tells Fukru has made him enact the dialogues on the wall. He forcefully took him to Suresh and made him enact those dialogues. Also he believes he has conspired with Veena to kill him.

Suresh was called to the interrogation room and asks about the dialogue incident. He tells Fukru has brought him there and made him enact. Also they has conspired to loot money from them as they are very fond of acting. That is why they have planned to made him enact and has planned to make a movie with them. Saju tells his doubt that Fukru has told him that director told him to come for audition. But Suresh told Fukru has brought him for audition.

Fukru was called to interrogation room and asks about the audition and asks him who gave him that task to make Saju enact the dialogue. He claims it was his plan as he has to do some task to stay alive in the game. He planned on his own. Officers and Saju claim that he was there in all circumstances. First he made Saju enact the dialogues and later he took the chain from Thesni. But in case of Sujo they just doubt him without much evidences. He denies all the claim at first and tells them that it was his plan to play the game. Later he tells them that he did all these, but no one believes him fully. They also doesn’t know who is the other person involved. Also they couldn’t identify how he got the instruction. He has smartly denied all the claims by giving valid reasons.

Housemates assembled in the living room and BIIGG BOSS reveals the task is finished. Officers has to announce what they have found out. Officers announces Fukru is the one of the person and they rightly guessed how he killed Saju and Thesni. But they were wrong in identifying the cause of death of Sujo. Also they identifies the second culprit as Aleena. In between Fukru gets the call from BIGG BOSS and he rushes to the bathroom. BIGG BOSS tells him to reveal how he did the crimes and who was his partner.

Fukru comes forward and invites Suresh and he explains how he did the murders. BIGG BOSS congratulated him for not getting caught.

Rajith was seen thinking about whether he will be eliminated from the house for not winning the game. Aleena was seen talking to Alexandra casually and told her “Why are you talking to these Alavalathy?”. This conversation was heard by Sujo, as Sujo, Rajith and Somadas were near to them and Alexandra was in fact talking to Sujo. Sujo started arguing with Aleena for being disrespectful and the argument went little heated. Rajith tried to interfere and solve it but he couldn’t control them. Aleena tried to apologise but Sujo was in no mood to accept as she is not ready to accept the mistake she did. Later everyone else joined and tried to solve it. She ran away from there hurt and others tried to create an impression that Rajith made it little worse. But in reality he tried to solve it.

Later Veena tried to provoke Rajith verbally on the Sujo - Aleena incident. Others also joined and they started to blame Rajith. Rajith in turn tells when Sujo faced an issue everyone was there to help and it should be same with others too. Aleena was seen apologising to Sujo and after few arguments they solves the issue.

BIGG BOSS calls everyone to the living room and asks them who performed good in the game. Arya, Suresh and Pradeep were the three contestants chosen and they will contest for captaincy for the next week. Also the contestants has to chose two candidates who perform worse. With the maximum votes of 7, Rajith and Rajini gets nominated and they were given a jail sentence by BIGG BOSS. Rajith tried to take it in a positive way, but Rajini was getting too emotional. She was worried about what her friends outside would think about her. I personally believe she is the worst candidate in the house. This is a game and she should take it in that spirit. Instead she is being so emotional and started being childish. Rajith added little spice in between and Fukru and Sujo were only seen talking to him. Rest everyone were consoling Rajini. Rajith tells Fukru that for everyone in this house, he is the common enemy.

Around 7:30 pm, both of them were released from jail and Rajini was seen talking to Arya. She tells Arya that she considers everyone as her own kids, but they conspired against her and it hurt her a lot. Arya hugged her and told her not to worry about anything.

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Day 10

The day started with the song from Somadas and the day continued with the task from previous day. Fukru got the next instruction from BIGG BOSS to kill Thesni. He has to make Thesni put one of her chain around Aleena. He can take help from Arya by telling her that in order to avoid Aleena from her husband she can take help from black magician Thesni. But Fukru tried to show that he is after Aleena for love and made her ready for the marriage. They both went to black magician and the magician put two of her chains on each of them. Later the announcement came with the death announcement of Thesni. Aleena tells Fukru that our plan worked.

Raghu and Rajith was called to the confession room and told them that they are the two investigation officers. Raghu is a senior police officer and Rajith is a super hero constable. They have been told that they have the freedom to interrogate anyone from the house and those who doesn’t cooperate can be taken to the interrogation room for further investigation.

They come out of the room wearing police dress and tells everyone that they are specially assigned to investigate the murders. Most of them doubt Fukru and Aleena. Veena meet them and doubt Pradeep and his wife and also doubts Alexandra and Sujo. She saw a suspected behaviour of Alexandra and Sujo and Arya is over reacting by telling everyone that they suspect Fukru. Officers discusses what could be the reason of death. They doubt if those people who have done some thing different from others and they would have been killed because of that.

Rajith talked to Fukru and tells him what they can do for investigation and Raghu checks it with Suresh. Suresh tells he doesn’t doubt anyone. Rajith checks who tried to took the chair from him and Fukru tells him that Pareekkutty tried to steal chair form him three times. Pradeep doubts Fukru and he saw a suspected behaviour from him. He believes Fukru tried to hide something and he has something which is hidden from others. Alexandra doubts Pradeep, Arya, Aleena and Fukru. She noted the chain taken away by Aleena from Thesni and then Thesni died. She doubts Aleena is conspiring with Fukru for the murder.

Fukru was taken to the interrogation room. Officers asks him when Saju died where was he. He replied he was there in the living room and he tells he doesn’t doubt Aleena, but we can’t clear her of allegations. They doubt Fukru with the chain incident in the murder of Thesni.

Again Rajith Kumar was called to the confession room and there was a specs kept in the table. The specs can be used to see the dead. He has to wear it all the time and he can’t take it off until he completes the investigation. If he take it off, then he can’t wear it back and also he has to surrender 250 luxury points. He will get that back if he find the culprit. Saju was taken to interrogation room and checks what he did special. Rajith talks little non sense and Raghu is clearly seen disturbed by his thoughts. Saju doubts the loose motion medicine received by Fukru. Rajith asks a valid doubt and Raghu clarifies that may be Fukru has gone to the confession room for some other discussion and not for medicine.

Fukru got another call from BIGG BOSS and instructs him that the next person to kill is Sujo. He has to hide his protein powder without his knowledge. He discuss the same with Suresh and smartly planned his move to hide it. Later announcement came that Sujo is dead.

Veena asks Fukru secretly that whether he is the murderer to which he tells her he did it. He confesses to Veena and Veena immediately goes to Raghu and tells her that Fukru did it. Aleena also joins and tells him that Fukru could have done it. But Raghu doesn’t find the claims truthful as he doubts Fukru could have done it playfully and he can’t risk the luxury budget. Later Veena meets Fukru and he tells her that he did it playfully.

Raghu interrogates Reshma and she doubts Aleena. Also she tells Pareekkuty and Manju was seen near to Saju before his death. Rajini was not co-operating with Rajith in the investigation. They are mainly checking what Saju has eaten extra compared to other members of the house during dinner. Rajith and Raghu feels people are purposefully routing to Aleena. Raghu doubts Reshma as the prime suspect and Veena could be the assistant. Rajith also doubts Reshma as the prime suspect and they also doubt Pradeep.

Rajith interrogates Saju and he doubts Veena as she is not a good wife and also there was Aleena also along with him for some time. He also tells after death one of his ring is missing. Sujo tells the officers that he doesnt doubt Aleena but his prime suspect is Fukru. Rajith asks Thesni and she doubts Pareekkutty as he gave her watermelon. She remembers that Pareekkutty has told her that he has put poison in it. She doesn’t doubt Fukru and Aleena.

Alexandra doubts Fukru and she tells Raghu that he has taken the chain from Thesni. May be because of that only she died. In between Rajith claims that he found the culprit and he is seen so happy about it. He tells Reshma killed Saju by giving him extra pappad and Pareekkutty killed Thesni by poisoning her.

Raghu interrogates Fukru and he asks him about the chain. Fukru tells Aleena and him planned for marriage and both of them went to Thesni and took the chain. Raghu doubts who initiated that marriage. Arya tells Fukru forced Aleena for marriage and he only took her to Thesni. She doubts how a black magician can do the marriage and Fukru purposefully did it to kill Thesni. Rajith gets fully confused after hearing it as it was against his conclusion.

Aleena is interrogated with by the officers and they tells her everyone doubts her. She tells Saju would have been killed by Veena or Fukru. Her prime suspect is Veena as she wants her husband dead. She tells them that Fukru forced her for marriage. Also she tells since Thesni is a black magician she could have known who killed Saju and someone killed her so that she should not tell that secret to anyone.

Fukru was seen talking to Suresh and tells him that he is playing by telling everyone that he killed them. But when Raghu asked him he told he didn’t do it and he can help them find it. Suresh ignores him and tells everyone that Fukru is compelling him to take the claim as the killer as they will loose the luxury budget of 5000 points. Stay tuned for more updates. Visit this page for more updates on BIGG BOSS Season 2. Follow us on Facebook : Neyyapam Media and Instagram : neyyapammedia.

Day 9

The day started with the song from Somadas. Rajith, Sujo and Aleena were seen discussing some recent incidents. Rajith asked Aleena whether he has personally insulted any person in the house to which she replies once his words has made Alexandra sad. Sujo intervened and corrected Aleena that Alexandra has understood it wrongly. Aleena was not giving up with her arguments and Sujo strongly opposed what she told.

The garden of the house is modified as a cemetery and BIGG BOSS announced to everyone that one of your housemates is going to be dead. Don't worry it’s going to be the next task for them. There are different characters on the story and on their journey to some place they have to encounter heavy rain and flooding. So they reach the ”Ammachi Guest House”. According to Police, two culprits who escaped from the mental hospital is also on the house. So others has to be careful about them because they can kill anyone. BIGG BOSS called Rajini, Reshma and Somadas to the confession room and told them to read the task written in the card. Rajini is the owner of the guest house and Reshma is her servant. Somadas is the singer who entertains the inmates of the house. Rajini has to wear ornaments kept in the tray and both of them has to wear dresses according to their character. Manju and Pareekkutty are two culprits and they have to wear jail dress and tie one of their hands with handcuffs. Pradeep Chandran is a political leader and his wife is Arya and Aleena is his secret lover. Thesni Khan has to act as a black magician who can even talk to ghosts and Sujo and Alexandra are two eloped lovers. Saju and Veena are couples and the former is a politician and the later wants to enter into politics. Rajith has to act as a Yogi and Raghu will be his disciple. Suresh is a film director and Fukru is his assistant. They are the actual killers and they will get instructions on a phone which they have to keep it hidden from other housemates. No one should know that they are the killers.

The task started and everyone started acting the way they have been assigned. Instruction has been given to Fukru to make Saju enact the dialogues written in the wall. Once he completes enacting those dialogues, he will be announced dead. Suresh and Fukru makes him enact those dialogues and he was announced dead by BIGG BOSS. Dress for the dead body has been kept in the store and housemates takes him to the cemetery. The black magician is seen conveying his wife’s message to the dead husband. The time for the day’s task ended and it will continue next day.

Sujo was given the task to teach the housemates how to walk in the ramp. Sujo makes each of them walk in the ramp and corrected those who did it wrong. Rajith feels Manju is a dangerous character and he is advising Pareekkutty to be careful about her. He also feels Reshma, Aleena and Alexandra doesn’t have patience. Pareekkutty was also advising him how to play in the house and he takes his advise seriously.

Rajith was again seen arguing with Reshma regarding dying his hair. She was asking him since he is very much educated, why he is using chemicals to dye his hair. Again Rajith was seen talking to himself regarding the character of Manju. He tells himself to avoid her as she is very dangerous and whenever she comes just run and hide somewhere.

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Day 8

The day started with BIGG BOSS announcing the luxury budget for the week. Housemates has to shop items for the current week based on the budget they have. They tried to choose the items they needed the most, but they missed few essential items while placing the order. Then comes the first nomination of Season 2. Everyone has to go to the confession room and nominate two person from the house whom they think are not suitable for the house. Rajini was the first person who got the opportunity to nominate. She started nominating herself as she is hurt. As it is not possible to do, she nominates Rajith Kumar because of his attitude and Somadas because of him being the least active member of the house. Aleena got the next opportunity and she nominates Somadas as she feels he is absent minded and Thesni Khan as she doesn’t know how to play the game. Raghu nominates Somadas and Aleena as he feels her attitude is fake.

Arya nominates Somadas with the same reason as what others felt and Rajith Kumar, as she feels he is professionally bounded. Veena nominates Rajith Kumar and Sujo as he has less involvement in the house. Manju nominates Rajith because of his insulting behaviour and Aleena for being so diplomatic in the house. Pareekkutty nominates Rajini for her discriminating behaviour and Aleena for her fake attitude and for insulting him. Thesni Khan explained why she was feeling so dull in the house during the first week as she felt ignored for being not allowed to enter kitchen even though she has a high passion for cooking. It was because of the discrimination shown by Rajini and she was her first nomination. She also nominates Sujo as he is worried only about his physique.

Rajith nominates Suresh and Manju as both of them insulted him with personal remarks. Pradeep nominates Rajith because of his attitude and Alexandra as he feels she doesn’t fit in the house. Fukru nominates Aleena for her fake attitude and Rajini for her discriminating attitude. Reshma nominates Rajini and Somadas as the former is being partial to few members and Somadas as she feel he is not active inside the house. Somadas nominates Rajini with the same reason as others and Alexandra as she is not interacting with him much.

Sujo nominates Rajith Kumar as his attitude is not the same as the way he tells and Somadas for his wrong comments about women within the house. Alexandra nominates Rajini and Somadas for the same reason as others. Suresh feels Reshma and Somadas are not active in the house and hence nominates them. The captain of the week Saju nominates Rajith and Sujo going with the same opinion of others.