BIGG BOSS Malayalam Season 2 Third Weekend Update - Pareekkuty and Suresh out, Daya And Jasla In?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Sunday (Day 21)

Another Sunday in the BIGG BOSS house and the stage is set for elimination. Alexandra and Rajith is safe and still there are six contestants in the elimination list. I feel there could be multiple people who could be eliminated today. The promo also suggests the entry of a new contestant to the house. Let’s wait and see who will get eliminated today.

Lalettan comes to the stage and he welcomes everyone and calls the rest of the contestants in the elimination list. Pareekkuty was seen in another room and everyone can see him on video. He has some eye infection and it can spread to others also. Lalettan asks everyone that whether they wants to leave. Pareekkuty tells Suresh and Thesni could be eliminated from the house. Lalettan confirms that Pareekkuty is eliminated from the house. He sang a song for the rest of the housemates and he can’t go inside the house because of his infection. As a message he tells the house mates not to isolate Rajith and Rajith replies that he will miss him a lot. Pareekkuty becomes the second candidate to be eliminated from the house.

Lalettan asks Fukru whether he is upset as Pareekkuty is eliminated. Lalettan asks who all are stealing sugar and protein powder. He also informs them it is a ration and you have to win task to get more items. They can’t complain now as they didn’t take the luxury budget task seriously. Now he announces one more person will be eliminated. He calls the rest five of them to stand up and he asks each one of them who will get eliminated. Thesni doubts Suresh, Suresh feels it could be himself, Veena tells she doesn’t know and lastly she points Reshma, Reshma also points to herself, otherwise it could be Suresh, Aleena feels Reshma could get eliminated. Aleena also tells Suresh always prays to leave the house and he tells he feels it from inside. Fukru feels Thesni could be eliminated. Manju also feels Suresh could be as he always tells it. Pradeep also feels Suresh could be the person to be eliminated. Rajith feels Suresh could be the person and Alexandra also feel Suresh could be the person eliminated. But if she judge it, she would select Veena. Raghu also feels Suresh could be eliminated and Saju feels Reshma could get eliminated. Arya also feels Reshma could get eliminated as she is little outspoken. Sujo feels Suresh could get eliminated as he always tells he want to leave the house and people could feel it and vote against them. Suresh tells if everyone wants him to be inside he will stay, but he felt he could get eliminated.

Lalettan announces Suresh can leave the house and he becomes the third candidate to be eliminated from the house. He bids good bye to everyone and Aleena is the most sad person inside the house. BIGG BOSS announces to take the Oppo phone from the store and take a selfie along with the house mates. The gate opens and he leaves the house. Aleena cries along with the Arya and she is very much hurt by the decision.

Lalettan invites him to the stage and ask him about the experiences. He tells he has learned a lot about life being inside the house and Lalettan shows him his moments inside the house. Lalettan meets them again and tells them to use ration properly, maintain hygiene and don’t sleep during daytime. This has to be followed properly and they have to adhere to the BIGG BOSS rules strictly. He bids them good bye for the week. Pradeep is seen very much upset by the elimination of Suresh and Raghu and Manju try to console him.

Lalettan comes back to the stage and does a big announcement. He invites the person who is going to go inside the house. He invites the social

media star Daya Aswathy. It is a shock as we were expecting Jasla. She is very much active in social media circle for her open minded comments on certain social issues. She is a beautician by profession and is settled in Bahrain. Lalettan reminds her not to tell anything that is happening outside to anyone inside the house and tells her to go inside the house.

A song is played and the gate opens she enters the stage. She meets everyone inside the house and tells Rajith that she likes him a lot. It was a surprise to Rajith. Manju and Raghu realises her and tells Pradeep and Sujo that she is the person who publ abuse everyone through Facebook. Fukru asks her age and she replies she is 36 years of age. Manju tells she has seen her videos and Veena clarifies her doubts. Rajith feels by her looks she is an activist and Pradeep tells her history on the video clips and her live videos. Rajith tells she could be her enemy. She tells her mother died and her father left her. She is also a divorcee. Rajith wants to keep a distance from her as she may abuse him through words. Pradeep warns that don’t create any issues with her as it may ruin their reputation.

Lalettan invites the second person Jasla Madasseri to the stage. She is also a social media star and a former Malappuram District Vice President of KSU. She reveals she doesn’t know anyone inside and she will try to be real inside the house. She is working as a marketing manager of a London company. Lalettan reminds her again on the rules as she is not allowed to reveal anything from outside. She replies she has not seen the show before much and she doesn’t know anyone personally. The best coincidence is Daya and Jasla are like enemies in the social media circle.

BIGG BOSS invites Daya Aswathy and another song is played and the gate opened. Raghu is the only person who knows her and Fukru is playing with her and he asks her what is her age. She replied 24 on his ears and he is jumping out of joy. Lalettan notes his reaction and he left the stage thinking what will be Fukru’s intentions. Now it’s the opportunity for Jasla and Daya Ashwathy to share their life story. Daya starts it and she was from a very poor family. I don’t want to personally write this story as it was like an usual old movie story. She has a lot to prove to her husband and her in laws being in the BIGG BOSS. Now the opportunity is for Jasla. She just told about how she is, how her attitude is and also about the attacks she has faced in cyber space. Rajith asks Jasla about her social commitment and she tells she just tells what she feels and if people tells they can take it otherwise ignore it. Manju asks Daya about the video she had shared on social about the comments on Jisha’s mother. She replied that she felt Jisha’s mother‘s attitude is not normal and she felt it is a fake attitude. Thesni asks Jasla about her rational thinking and she replies she doesn‘t follow it as she felt few things are beyond her thoughts and doesn’t feel it is real. If she consider a real power, she will

be a follower of Dinkan. Arya asked Daya about her motive and she replied she just wants to be real

inside the house.

Rajith feels both of them will support him and he also doubt what kind of personality are both of them. He feels one will be with him and the other one may not and he may have to fight with the other. Fukru tells Raghu both are enemies and he noticed Jasla should have respected Daya’s life story, instead she disrespecte. Daya was seen talking to Rajith and she claims Rajith is criticised for just a part of speech, not complete speech. Rajith also realises and openly asks Daya that are they both enemies in social circle. Rajith also talks to Jasla and in turn she advises him that don’t try to force your opinion on others, instead let them take if they like. Jasla openly tells that she have to talk a lot to him and either she or him will come in one way. She tells him you have to go ahead with your choice and don’t depend on what others think. Raghu is silently listening to their discussion and Rajith just ignores the talk and goes to sleep. Jasla is a good addition to the house and we may see some heated arguments in coming week.

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Saturday (Day 20)

BIGG BOSS Season 2 enters into the third week and things are getting heated up inside the house. Contestants started to show their real behaviour inside the house by reacting to each and everything in their own way. This attitude is creating some heated arguments inside the house. The platform is set for some heated arguments and real game tactics.

Manju and Alexandra still in the jail and Manju calls Sujo to talk in the morning and she asked him what the real issue is. He tells he has his own reason to not to talk to her as she didn’t like him talking to Rajith and he doesn’t like her controlling him. She inturn tells him that he only told her that he doesn’t like to talk to Rajith and still he is seen talking to him and that’s why she asked him. After few arguments I felt the issue is solved between them. Fukru was discussing with Aleena about the game and he told her that everyone in the house feels he purposefully attacked Rajith. Aleena consoles him and tells him to be himself and dont worry about those comments. If he still feels uncomfortable talk to the people and make them understand that he never had those intentions and it is hurting him much. Then announcement form BIGG BOSS came to release the culprits from the jail and they are being welcomed by the house mates. Alexandra and Sujo was seen together talking to Rajith and the later was explaining that he does yoga and meditation so that he can be less reactive to the anger he feels while reacting. Sujo opposes his claim and asks him, even though he is doing these it doesn’t show that Rajith is reacting less to the anger he is getting. He feels Rajith is showing off and he is just telling all these things to gain attention. Raghu was again seen discussing the game incident with Fukru and try to console him for that.

Lalettan welcomes the house mates and started commenting about their dress. He asks everyone to be well dressed everyday as people across the world is seeing them. He tells updates about Somadas as he was not well and their in-house doctors has advised him for better treatment. Also he told that please restrain from using water for couple of days as Pareekkuty has some eye infection which is caused due to water. He asked Pradeep about his captaincy and has informed the house that Raghu has some doubt regarding who is the captain of the house. The discussion which he did with Fukru is revealed in the house by Lalettan as he doubt Arya is the captain instead of Pradeep. He asked both of them why they felt it. They didn’t had proper answer as they felt she was more active inside the house. Veena was asked to imitate him again and she does it. Suresh was also asked to imitate Ummar as he did during the class by Saju. He also comments on the attitude by people talking to the camera. He was mentioning the incident of Rajith on the expense of Sujo. Rajith told they dont have enough food to eat. Lalettan asked them about the luxury budget points and the game and Arya told their planning failed. Lalettan tells them that contestants are not showing seriousness in the way they should play and Rajith also feels no one had the planning and concentration to do the task. Lalettan asked whether he felt isolated as others didn’t listen to him. Suresh tells this game required luck but Lalettan and Rajith denied the claim telling that the game required concentration. Suresh and Saju tells that it’s a team game and it’s not one person game. If they lose the team is responsible and no single person is not responsible for it, but Rajith felt if he has gone inside he would have won the game. Suresh was so aggressive on his comments and he tells if he is having so much concentration why he left the captaincy game in half way. He claimed that he told he is having health issue and omitting and still he does sheershasanam. Suresh wants to prove that Rajith is fake.

The issue of blanket came up and Lalettan asked Reshma what was the issue regarding that. Lalettan tells there are some rules in the house that those people who are put in jail should not interact with people. If they are put in jail, it means they are given a punishment and you are not suppose to go and talk to them and give water to them. They culprits has to feel that it’s a punishment for them. So from next time there will be a visiting time to meet and talk to the culprits and it has to be followed strictly. Lalettan also gives them a bonus and asks Fukru to go to the store room. He took a bowl full of fish and keeps it in the kitchen. He also asked them how they selects the worst and best performers and what criteria they follows. He asks Manju how the jail was and she is very much unhappy about this. Lalettan also praises Raghu for anchoring the award night and he also asks Pradeep and Arya about his opinion on the best hero/heroine of the house award. Both of them tells instead of just the last explanation of the category, they agrees to the rest of the description. Rajith feels he is been criticised for things which he has not done as he was chosen as the best villain award. Alexandra also feels she is also criticised for what she has not done. Sujo also feels everyone is correct in judging him by giving the correct award to him. Thesni told she felt awkward for collecting the award and by everyone’s appreciation she felt little

embarrassed. Reshma also felt she doesn’t know why she is being selected for the award. Veena feels she is not the same as mentioned in the awards, but few people felt it. He asks whether there is any rule that people should not talk to themselves and he was pointing to Rajith. He updates Pareekkuty may take some time to get back to house as his infection is little bad. Fukru also feels he is not the same as the award mentioned and Lalettan asks whether he is planning anything inside the house as he is getting lot of advises from few others. I feel Lalettan is pointing to Raghu for the advises he has given him.

Now the discussion came up with the captaincy task and asks Veena whether she has learned martial arts and she replies that she has learned it a bit while acting in Kunjali Marakkar. She told she has apologised to Rajith for making him fell down during the game. Lalettan was asking about the game rules and asked whether they understood the game. The game was to run in one direction and you should feel nausea and win the game through that. He asked Rajith why he backed out and he replied that he told he has some health issues and he can’t compete with them. Lalettan asked Fukru why he throwed him And he told he never felt it as he felt since both of them are fighting one will win and he just want to compete with them only. He kicked him as Rajith has hit his fingers and it hurt him and because of that he kicked him. Raghu claims he didn’t feel the first round was proper as both of them were targeting Rajith and even after telling this he will not join him for the rest of the days. Arya asked Raghu why he felt she is captaining the house and he replied he felt it. Thesni also feels the game was not properly handled. Arya also told the tactics of the game was that and they felt Rajith was the soft target. Raghu apologises that he should have told his opinion at the beginning of the game itself and also even if Fukru has explained him the strategy, still he doesn’t know why Fukru didn’t attack Veena when she was attacking Rajith. Veena also tells she doesn’t want Rajith to be the captain and finally they claims they had planned to target Rajith first and Raghu commented that now the truth came out. Fukru claimed even though he had planned but he never executed it. Lalettan asked whether it is a drama done by both and Rajith told Fukru also has apologised to it. Fukru replied that he apologised to Rajith and told him that he will give up the captaincy for that. To this Lalettan replied to him that it’s not him who decide on this and he can’t take a decision on that. He apologises for telling that and Lalettan invites Fukru and asks to select the team. Fukru selects Saju as the kitchen head as they don’t have much luxury budget and Saju chose Arya, Alexandra and Sujo and Saju comments that please don’t live inside the kitchen. Manju is selected for dishwash cleaning and Suresh for bathroom cleaning.

Lalettan chose Alexandra and Rajith from the nomination list and informs them that both of them are safe from the elimination procedures and the rest of the procedure will continue for tomorrow. Arya discussed the captaincy issue with Raghu and she feels he should have told her openly. Raghu explains why he felt it and Arya doesn’t agree to it much even though she accepted it.

The rest of the procedures will continue for tomorrow and the promo is suggesting a new wild card entry to the house tomorrow. I feel two people may get eliminated tomorrow. Stay tuned to this space for more updates tomorrow.

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