BIGG BOSS Malayalam Season 2 Launched

BIGG BOSS Malayalam is the Malayalam version of superhit reality shows Big Brother. The show was hosted by Malayalam Super Star Mohanlal and was aired on Asianet channel on 24th June 2018. Sabumon was the winner of BIGG BOSS Malayalam Season 1, while Pearley and Sreenish won the hearts of many fans. The huge success of the show made the audience eagerly wait for Season 2. After nearly a year and a half, Asianet has officially announced the launch date of Season 2 of Bigg Boss Malayalam and it is 5th January 2020.

There were lots of audience polls conducted by Asianet to choose the contestants and the fans of the show were eagerly waiting to watch their favorite stars on screen. Here is the list of seventeen contestants who will fight for BIGG BOSS Season 2 title.

1. Rajini Chandy

She is a homemaker and an actress by profession. She has acted in a couple of movies and is well known for her role in Oru Muthassi Gadha.

2. Alina Padikkal

Alina Padikkal is a serial artist and a prominent anchor. She is well known among serial audiences.

3. RJ Raghu

Raghu Subash Chandran is one of the earliest radio jockeys in Radio Mango. He was well known for his morning shows in Radio Mango and he hails from Kozhikode.

4. Arya Rohit

She is a prominent actress in Malayalam movies and she is well known for her role in Badai Bangalow.

5. Saju Navodaya (Pashaanam Shaji)

A comedian, mimicry artist, movie actor - you can't describe him with just one word. He is a very popular face in the Malayalam film industry is well known as Pashaanam Shaji, a character he has played on stage.

6. Veena Nair

She is a dancer and an actor by profession. She is very well known among family audiences for her role in "Thattem Mutteem" aired on Mazhavil Manorama.

7. Manju Sunichen

She is a serial artist and very well known for her role in "Marimayam" aired on Mazhavil Manorama.

8. Pareekutty Perumbavoor

He is an actor and is well known among audiences for his role in "Happy Wedding". He has sung a few songs and attracted audiences in Youtube.

9. Thesni Khan

She is very well known in the Malayalam film industry and has acted in a lot of Malayalam movies. She is a well-known stage performer too.

10. Rajith Kumar

He is a professor by profession and a microbiologist. He is famous for his remarks on women for wearing jeans.

11. Pradeep Chandran

He is a well-known actor and a serial artist by profession.

12. Fukru (Krishnajeev)

He is a social media star and very well known for his tik-tok videos.

13. Reshma Rajan

She is a diamond trader by profession. Bigg Boss has tried to bring in people from different walks of life, other than the prominent figures.

14. Somadas

He is a talented singer who came into limelight through Idea Star Singer which was aired on Asianet.

15. Alexandra Johnson

She is an air hostess by profession and does modeling by passion.

16. Sujo Mathew

He is a well-known model and actor. He has done his debut in Kollywood on "Oru Kuppai Kathai".

17. Suresh Krishna

He is a well known Malayalam movie director and has also worked as an associate to Priyadarshan in few movies.

So finally all seventeen contestants are in the house and this time Asianet has bring in people from different walks of life. Many of them are not known to each other even though they are very prominent faces in Kerala. Let's wait who comes out as the Bigg Boss in Season 2.

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