BIGG BOSS Season 2 Weekend 1 Update - First Contestant Eliminated and a new Captain Takes Charge

Updated: Jan 12, 2020


Entire housemates are waiting in their seats and they are excited as always when they see their hero Lalettan on screen. He asked each of the team members who is their best friend or with whom they feel much connected within the house. He is telling them to interact more with each other and make sure that no one feels isolated. Again the discussion came up on the matchbox issue and he told make sure that this issue doesn’t come up again. Suresh also promised that he will not tell the word matchbox, instead he will call it as ”Biju”.

As the promo video suggested, Lalettan has asked the housemates to talk about women empowerment. He called each and everyone from the house starting with Pareekkutty and then followed by Fukru. Suresh started talking about the honourable late Indra Gandhi and then shared his mom‘s love towards him and also shared about his sisters achievements. RJ Raghu told his wife influenced him a lot in the way she works and her attitude towards life. He talked well about equality of women too. Like few others Pradeep also shared about his mom’s sacrifice and he also mentioned “Nirbhaya - freedom to walk at night“ should be promoted. Saju again mentioned about his mom and his wife and he also mentioned violence against women and children should be stopped. Sujo also mentioned that his mom has influenced him and he openly told he doesn’t know how to talk about empowerment.

Somadas started telling about his mom and he also supported the arguments made by Saju. As everyone expected, Rajith shared the memories of his mom. He shared how much sacrifice she has made in raising him as a single parent as he lost his father when he was 8 months old. He also mentioned about Rajini Chandy in the way she showers her motherly love to each and everyone in the house. He also told India is known as Mother India and not in a male perspective and also mentioned a lot of empowerment activities should be created to empower women.

Now it’s time for a task to select a captain. Housemates has to choose three members from the house who has done well in the first week and the current captain has to announce their names as the nomination for new captain. The biggest advantage of the next captain is that he cannot be nominated in the elimination list for next week.

Rajith, Saju and Suresh are the three members nominated by the housemates. Here comes the captaincy task. There is a board in the garden area and there will be boxes from 1 to 10 and there are a list of 10 movies of Mohanlal in the tray and the contestants has to paste in ascending order of its release. Time is 90 seconds for each of the three contestants. Only the participating contestant can go the garden area for the task. Suresh started the task followed by Rajith and then Saju Navodaya. But unfortunately no one made it correct as it is little confusing to identify the year of old Mohanlal movies. But the tactics used by Rajith is a thought provoking one.

Here comes the suspense for the captain of the week. Everyone predicted Suresh will be the captain as he is in this field for 29 years. But Saju becomes the captain and he correctly placed 7 movies in order. Housemates congratulates him and Saju assured he will never allow people with other responsibilities to interfere with others. Lalettan wishes him good luck and he bids good bye to the members for the week.

Lalettan encourages audiences to vote for their favourite contestants as it matters them a lot.

Saju divides the team and choose Rajith in charge of kitchen. Rajini, Pradeep, and Veena joins him for cooking. Thesni is alloyed charge of kitchen cleaning, Suresh is in charge of bathroom cleaning and Arya in charge of house cleaning.

The biggest fun of the day for me was the self realisation of Rajith Kumar as he congratulated himself for talking very well in women empowerment. He was talking to himself and he is praising himself for being a good and best person in house. He still proves he is the best entertainer of the house with highest screen presence.

Later housemates are seen playing with Fukru and they dragged him into the pool. Rajith was again seen arguing with Sujo playfully and Sujo clearly didn’t like the conversation and he also told BIGG BOSS to provide him with protein powder which is much required. Also Rajith seek help from Fukru to give him advice to become more active. Rajith still gets more screen space even though he is doing Pranic healing. Veena and Fukru was seen purposefully provoking Rajith asking about what he was doing.

Rajith Kumar still becomes the talk of the house even though he is giving correct advice to the housemates. I feel the housemates are purposefully ignoring Rajith Kumar and he clearly feels isolated in the house.

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BIGG BOSS Malayalam Season 2 enters into the first weekend and superstar Mohanlal enters the stage and here starts the proceeding for the first weekend. All housemates are excited to see Mohanlal on screen and they were eagerly waiting to talk to him. Will there be an elimination today? We will wait and see what happens for the day.

Mohanlal started asking them how was their first week inside the house and he asks everyone individually on their experiences in the house and purposefully excluded Pareekkuty initially. When housemates reminded him of ignoring Pareekkuty, he was a little harsh on him for smoking inside the house. He reminded him of the rules to be followed inside the house and he warned him for violating the rules. After a break, again Pareekkuty was late as he went for smoking and Mohanlal again warned him.

Then the discussion came to the captaincy of Rajini Chandy. She was happy with the captaincy, but few people have different opinions. Rajith was the main person who opposed her and a heated discussion and some personal remarks were made against Rajith by Suresh. Also, the issue regarding the matchbox came up and Suresh was completely against Rajith. Mohanlal tried to calm him down by telling him to consider it as a small issue, but Suresh was not convinced with it.

Then the most important update came from Mohanlal as BIGG BOSS wanted one person to come out of the show. The first elimination of BIGG BOSS Malayalam Season 2 is to happen and it should be one person who doesn’t obey the rules. The first elimination of Season 2 is the new entrant Dharmajan Bolgatty. He violated the rules by telling the housemates about what he has seen on TV during the first week of BIGG BOSS Season 2. He tells goodbye to the housemates and the door opens, Dharmajan walks out of BIGG BOSS house.

Mohanlal welcomes him to the floor and confesses to the audiences that they have sent him to the house just for a day. They just want to see how the housemates react when a person among them gets eliminated from the house. He thanked Dharmajan for accepting their request among his busy movie schedules and told him not to open up to anyone about what is happening inside the house. He exits the stage after singing a song for the viewers.

Mohanlal talks to the housemates again and reminds them that the rules of the BIGG BOSS are to be followed strictly. If anyone breaks the rules, they have to exit the house. He tells bye to them for the day and will meet them tomorrow.

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