BIGG BOSS Season 2 Weekend 2 Update - Who got eliminated this week?

Updated: Jan 19, 2020


Finally it’s the time for first elimination. One or two contestants may get eliminated today from the list of six contestants from the elimination list. We will wait until Lalettan comes to the stage.

Rajith believes no one is supporting him. He thought Pareekkuty was supporting him but he realised no one is trustable. Aleena calls Fukru to come and clean but Fukru denies telling that he will not do it why Aleena is doing it since it is his duty. He also tells why she is showing off in-front of others.

Everyone assembled in the living room and Lalettan welcomes them. He asks about their lunch and now he asked Saju about his captaincy. Even Rajini supported him that he managed everything very well. No one had any negative thoughts about him. Lalettan asked them about their captaincy task and commented about the performance of Suresh as he couldn’t perform well. Lalettan also asks Rajith about the dating class he has given her. He asks Reshma about her opinion on Rajith‘s advise. She replied that sometimes she agrees to it but most of the time she doesn't like what he told. Also she believes he manipulates what others tells.

Now it’s time for first elimination. Lalettan calls the contestants nominated for elimination. Then he calls Fukru and asks to select one of the person among them and tell one good quality and worst quality of them. He chose Rajith and tells he has good knowledge. He also tells Somadas and Aleena could be eliminated today as the former is not active and the later is fake. Reshma selects Alexandra as the genuine person, but she has some negatives of unnecessarily getting into things. She selects Somadas will be eliminated.

Raghu selects Sujo as genuine person and he talks what he feels honestly. His negative is that he is little concentrated on his body. He choose Somadas as the contestant who will be eliminated. Manju also choose Alexandra as she is very genuine and she apologises if she makes any mistakes. She didn't chose any person who can be eliminated. Thesni also feels Sujo is genuine and honest. She also feels Somadwill be eliminated. Manju chores Rajini will be eliminated. Suresh feels Aleena is genuine and others feel she is fake. She is also caring and honest. He also chose Somadas can be eliminated. Saju chose Rajini as she is very motherly to anyone and she cares for everyone in the house. He also feels she doesn’t know what the game is. He also chose Somadas as the candidate who can be eliminated. Arya chose Rajini as she tries to create an example to everyone that age is not a bar for anything. She also choose Somadas as the candidate who will be eliminated. Veena also chose Rajini as she is very honest and caring. She chose Somadas as the contestant who will be eliminated. Pareekkuty feels Rajith is very knowledgable person and Somadas could be eliminated. Pradeep feels Rajini is very caring and she is like a mom. Also he feels she doesn’t know it’s a game. He also chose Somadas who can be eliminated.

Lalettan announces the first candidate who will be eliminated. He tells Sujo and Alexandra can stay inside the house. Now four of them remains. Lalettans asks Aleena who she feels she is not meant to be inside house. She believes she doesn’t feel it now and she wants to be in. Lalettans announces that Aleena is in. Now Lalettan asks Somadas how he feels and he asks whether he feels he is not active. He replied that he doesn’t know how the game was. Lalettan asks whether he wants to go home and he replied that he wants to stay back. Lalettan announces Somadas is in and the decision was welcomed by the contestants. Now Rajith and Rajini remains.

Lalettan asks Rajith how he is feeling and whether he feels everyone is making him isolated. But he replied that now he feels everyone is not isolating him now. Rajini also tells that she cared for everyone and she doesn't want to be competent with others as others came for fulfilling their dreams. She tells she is ready to leave the house as she doesn’t want to continue. Rajith also tells he doesn’t want to leave, but unfortunately he has to pack his bags as he is in elimination list. Veena and Arya wants Rajini to be in elimination list. It’s tension time now and Lalettan announces that people outside wants Rajith to be there inside the house. He also takes the example of Pearl formation in his character formation and support from audiences. So with maximum support Rajith stays inside and Rajini becomes the first person to be eliminated. She is the first person entered the house and the first captain of this season and she is the first person to move out.

Everyone bids good bye to her and she is ready to meet Lalettan in the stage. BIGG BOSS announces and instructs Rajini to take the Oppo phone from the store room and take a selfie with the housemates and then keep the phone back. Announcement came for her exit from the house through the front gate.

Lalettan welcomes her to the stage. He asks whether she wants to be eliminated. Now they plays some good moments of her from inside the house. She tells she is very positive but her weakness is crying. She tells she will miss few people from the house and she tells she will miss Lalettan. She asks playfully whether no one voted for her. She then shares her experience from inside the house. He asks what she will miss the most and she replies that she will miss the group cooking session with others. He also openly told about the allegation against him after the comments he made when Dharmajan sang the song last week. He apologises for taking it wrongly and he doesn’t meant it though. Rajini exits the stage officially.

Now every housemates discussing about the audience support Rajith is getting. Certainly they are not happy. Pareekkuty consoles Aleena and discussed about Rajini didn’t hugged him and Aleena before leaving the house. Pareekkuty also discusses with Somadas about the comments others made about him. Arya and Veena also discusses that being genuine doesn’t matter inside the house. Arya is not at all happy with Rajith’s inclusion. She is very disappointed. Arya also asks Pareekkuty about his double stand he is playing and he agrees to that. He also tells Arya that Rajini showed partiality as she didn’t hugged him before leaving the house. Arya supports Rajini by telling that she is aged and have to understand her nature and also asks Pareekkuty that why he is talking about that again and again. Clearly Pareekkuty is playing a double stand and he tells Aleena is fake. Also they feels Alexandra is genuine and straight forward. He is telling that everyone has to be fake to be in the game and warns Veena. Once he left Arya reveals she played now to make him talk and to make sure that Pareekkuty is fake as the next nomination list will come tomorrow.

I think there is some big twist tomorrow as per the promos for tomorrow.

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BIGG BOSS Malayalam Season 2 enters into the second week. Lalettan enters the stage with a bang and he welcomes everyone into a new weekend. He also thanks audiences for making this show a big success as it is the number one show in Malayalam now with highest TRP rating.

The day started by showing Rajith telling Somadas about heating water. He took water from the washroom in a glass and Manju created an issue telling that the glass we use cannot be used inside washroom. She argues with him telling that he should have used oven for heating water. Sujo was advising Fukru to use curd for clearing tan. Rajith interferes in between and Sujo argues with him by telling that why he should interfere in other’s things. He told him that let the other person complete their discussion before he interfere in things. Also he has to consider other’s advise also before judging whether he is correct. A small argument started and Sujo was openly telling him about complaints raised by the other team members. He asked him what makes him stand in underwear inside the bedroom where ladies are also there. Rajith rejects the claim and replied him that he never did it. But Sujo tells that don’t lie in front of him and he has personally seen the same few times. Rajith tells that he challenges him that he didn’t do it and Sujo accepts it and tells BIGG BOSS that please keep this in mind as we may need to discuss this further. Next day morning Rajith was seen asking for forgiveness as he thinks he will be eliminated. Arya and Veena was seen discussing about Rajith’s behaviour.

The task continued with Manju sharing her life story with housemates. As expected she continued the sad sentimental story after a short break. She was telling about her financial struggle after marriage. Later she was seen making Fukru sleep by singing a song. She considers him as her own son or brother.

Housemates assembled in the living room and Lalettan welcomes them. Lalettan asks them whether they are happy and he also tells he know there are some things which are not good. He specifically points to Rajith and Alexandra. She replied that Manju made her cry. He also asks Thesni why she her magic is not working. She replied that she needed a rope and some colour papers for performing some magic. He also tells her to prepare well as others from the house will discourage you and may take advantage of her if she does any mistakes. He also asks Rajith about his dance inside house and also tells him to perform to Somadas‘s song. He performs very well in front of them and gets appreciation from Lalettan. He also asked Fukru what Rajith has taught him. He replied that he has taught him biology and Lalettan advises him not to pass it to others. Also he made Pareekkuty sing the song he sang last week and asks Reshma why she cried for that. She replied to that telling that she was feeling low that day and she got so sad after listening to the song. He also tells Thesni to go to the store to collect her items for doing magic. He also warns people for sleeping inside the house during day time. He points to Manju and Somadas for sleeping inside the house. He also warms Pradeep that he is not doing any specific activities.

Now Thesni is ready for a performance. She takes the colour papers and start to eat it. Now she just pulls it out as a single lengthy paper. She gets appreciation from the housemates. Then Lalettan asks Rajini about the food incident with Pareekkuty and asks whether he has solved it. Now he asks Aleena whether she is playing by understanding what the game is because he told she has told she is not a deserving person to be in the house. She denies it but he asks Veena whether she has told it. Veena agreed to it and confirms to Lalettan about what she told. Aleena tells she has told she has to be crooked to be in the game. Also he asks Aleena about the “Alavalathy” incident with Sujo and she tells she has apologised for it. He also tells Sujo to control his behaviour and he also asks Alexandra why she told that Rajith created more issue in that. Alexandra replies that Rajith tried to solve the issue by telling that he told she just told it casually to Sujo, but he went out and told to others that Aleena has to apologise to him also and this made her think like that. Also Lalettan asks Rajith, do he tell lies, to which he replied he will never do it. Suresh then intervenes and tells he always tells a lie and that is why he always argue with him.

In order to prove whether he tells lies, Lalettan brings out the issue on the gas issue. Rajith told he found at around 3 am he checked the gas and found 5 kg is filled on the cylinder. Suresh claims he checked at 5 am and saw it was just 4.98. Lalettan asks how many believes Rajith is correct and four people supported him. And to support Suresh there is only one person and the others stood neutral. Then Lalettan shows the actual video of Rajith checking it at 3 am and what he told is true. Now he asks Rajith whether he think others are framing him. He also asks Suresh why he is framing him for everything. Also he warns Pareekkuty for making a comment on admitting him in mental hospital. But he asks Rajith why he is taking coffee mugs to bathroom and told him not to repeat that.

Now he asks Fukru on the secrets shared with him by Raghu on Reshma and Sujo. Fukru replied that after hearing it he felt it is true when he started observing them. Lalettan told not to reveal it. Also Lalettan asks what was the issue with Veena. He explains the real

incident and he felt really sad after her reaction on one thing which he told. Then Lalettan brings up the incident mentioned by Sujo on Rajith regarding the underwear incident. Pareekkuty did it once and Sujo told him not to do it and he never did it. Manju also claims she has seen Rajith once in underwear. Lalettan tells Rajith not to do it again and also warns everyone not to cry anymore in the house. Arya also tells Veena show lot of sentiments and she has advised her not to be emotional as this is a game.

Lalettan also bring up the emotional scene created by Rajini after the game. He asked Suresh what was the criteria for evaluating the worst performance. He comments telling that why Rajith was selected even if he has done a good performance in the game. He asked why Rajini was so emotional after being told that she will be send to jail. Rajith told it is mentioned on his horoscope that he has to serve some period in jail. So he was happy it is over. Lalettan warns that there are few rules inside the house and everyone has to obey that. Also Lalettan asks Raghu on the comment he has made. He replied that it is a game and the contestant can cry as it’s her first experience and others was just showing fake tears. Lalettan appreciates him for his real comments. Also housemates feels that Rajith has changed his character after entering into the elimination list.

Lalettan leaves the stage by telling that he will be announce the contestants who will be eliminated tomorrow. Aleena and Rajith brings up the partiality shown to Fukru by Veena while serving food and it ended in a heated argument between Aleena and Fukru. Rajith makes it as a serious issue and Fukru interferes and tells Rajith to not to make this a serious issue.

Lets wait and see who will be eliminated tomorrow. Stay tuned to this page for more updates tomorrow. Follow us on facebook: Neyyapam Media and on instagram: neyyapammedia.

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