Chhichhore - A Complete Entertainer in all means

If you were staying in hostels during your college days (not the school type) for graduation and you had a bunch of friends who are cranky enough, then you will enjoy this movie to the core. The movie is a fun ride with six guys - Anni, Sexa, Derek, Acid, Bevda and Mummy and one beautiful girl Maya. Chhichhore is a kind of movie which comes once in a decade to entertain you to the core. In my memory the last bollywood movie which entertained me in all aspects was "3 idiots".

The movie opens up with the suicide attempt of Raghav, son of Anni and Maya as he is not able to handle the pressure of losing in a competitive exam. In order to bring him back to life, Anni narrates him the story of the LOSERS, the college hostel mates who were called as Losers as they have never won the championship in college. In course of time all LOSERS join Anni and they pledge not to leave him until his son regains his health. The rest of the story tells how they tried to change the LOSERS tag by competing in the competition to win the championship.

Stress is something which is affecting most of the young students now a days in our country. They are pressurized by their parents, neighbors and friends for different reasons. The movie conveys a strong message to all those parents and their kids. The story tells you the need to support your kids in failures too, not only on success. They should be ready to face failures. This message is beautifully conveyed through the lives of five guys in the movie.

The movie is a complete package of comedy, drama and love. Varun Sharma as "Sexa" steals the show with his comic timings and dialogues. Sushant as always, does the role of a young romantic college guy and as a father of a teenager with great commitment. Shradha Kapoor excels with her beauty and the rest of the cast did well to keep the movie engaging. On a whole you will never look at your watch to check the time once the movie starts and it will make your stomach pain as you will not be able to control your laugh.

My verdict : 4.5/5

A complete entertainer with a beautiful message...must watch movie for all age groups...

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