Gaanagandharvan - A family drama mixed with comedy and emotions.

Gaangandharvan, the name will mislead few people to some extend. Most of them will think the movie tells the story of singer K J Yesudas or the movie tells the story of a second grade singer trying his best to become a successful singer. But in fact the story of the movie is completely different. It tells the story of a man who is a singer in a small troupe gets into a trouble when he try to help one of his old friend and how he manages to come out of it. The title name is the nick name given to the protagonist by his daughter's friends.

Gaangandharvan is Ramesh Pisharody's second directorial venture and he has definitely improved as a director after his first movie Panchavarnathatha. He has excelled in different roles - mimicry artist, stand up comedian, anchor and actor. Now with Gaanagandharvan, he has shown his excellent skills in direction by making a simple story, a must watch and an entertainer. He has lived up to his reputation by making a full comedy family drama without any double meaning comedies just like the way he handles the crowd with his sheer timing and comedies in stage shows. This is definitely a director's movie.

Mammooty as Kalasadan Ullas does his job perfectly as usual and he has handled comedy and emotional scenes with much finesse. The movie marked the comeback of Manoj K Jayan as Drummer Titto in a full length role and the change of Suresh Krishna from a villaneous role to a full length comedy role. He plays the role of singer Shyamaprasad which reminds singer Yesudas in appearance. In yesteryears music troupes, there was always a guy with the similar looks of the celestial singer and Pisharody with his experience in stage shows brings out this minor details to bring in realism in characterization. The movie has lot of characters and surprisingly most of them excels in the roles assigned to them. Devan did a surprise cameo and he made the audience laugh with his presence. Dharmajan, Mohan Jose, Sidhique, Mukesh and Maniyan Pilla Raju does their role perfectly. The female lead Vanditha Manoharan needs to improve in her acting skills. She looked little animated in most of the scenes. Athulya Chandran as Sandra did justice to the role.

The movie tells how a guy falls in trap to the much discussed feminism. Whether it be right or wrong, if a women tells the man has misbehaved with her, then the law supports her. We have heard a lot in recent times of the issues or cases, women charge against men for false accusations. The plot of the movie also revolves around similar incidents and it is made in way that is certainly gonna entertain the family and the masses. Overall the movie will entertain everyone whether it be the family or the youth.

My Verdict : 4/5

If you want to laugh for 2 hours, just go with minimum expectations and this will entertain you to the core. Go and watch it in theaters.

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