Malayalam Short Film Suggestion : Vaaryathe Chakka

In early 2000's the opportunities for a film enthusiast were limited. They use to shoot album songs to get noted. Till then that was the first step for any one to be a film maker. The popularity of YouTube created opportunities for lot of passionate filmmakers to showcase their talent. Lot of new short films are being uploaded in YouTube every day and compared to the initial years, the quality of the short films being uploaded now a days is competent with the new movies releasing in big screens especially in Malayalam Short Film section. Most of the notable young film directors in Malayalam movie industry has proved their worth in the Malayalam short film category well ahead before stepping into the main stream.

I would like to take your notice to one of the most recently uploaded Malayalam short film in YouTube - Vaaryathe Chakka. This is one of the well crafted and beautifully captured short film seen in recent times. Vaaryathe Chakka is directed by Sharath Kumar and it revolves around a myth related to a jack tree and how it affects the people around it. The story is simple but the way it is told make it different. The movie is written by the Sharath and Nimz, editing is done by Nimz and it is produced by Idhaya. A special applause should be given to two talented people involved - Akshay E N, for the cinematography and Nikhil Thomas, for the original background score. All the people who worked on screen and off screen needs a special mention for their efforts.

I personally liked the intro given to each of the characters. The intro reminded me of the way, the characters are introduced in Aadu franchise. The screenplay by the combo of Nimz and Sharath made sure that each of the characters has a part to play in the movie. Well known actor Sunil Sukhada is the most known among all of them and he did his part well with the youngsters playing their part to the best of their ability. The song which is played at the end matches the overall tone of the movie. I am not getting into the story as it could spoil the enthusiasm for all those who are yet to watch it. Sharath has worked as an Associate Director in few movies till date, but with his talent I really believe, we could see him as an independent director in the main stream Malayalam movie industry in near future.

Vaaryathe Chakka uploaded on May 1st in YouTube is already in the trending list and is already having more than fifty seven thousand views. It is uploaded by Team Jango Space. You can watch the movie staying in your home on your mobile/television without spending a penny and not going out during this lock down period. Stay home and stay entertained.

Click on the below link to watch the short film.

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